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New Products


Many small businesses need a fax, but only use it a few times every month. With a quality fax switch they no longer need to pay the monthly bill for the fax line. The fax switch automatically routes fax calls to the fax machine over an existing voice line, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated fax line.

There are two types of single line-sharing devices. Tone detection immediately answers the phone call, but the caller (if itís a voice call) doesnít know it. The caller thinks the phone is ringing, but what the box is doing is listening. It listens and quickly identifies what type of call it is and then routes it to the proper device. This product is called the Stick.

The other way to detect calls is with Distinctive Ringing Service from the phone company. This service is offered by your local telephone company and gives you up to three phone numbers on one line. Each number issues a different ringing pattern. So, the box never actually answers the phone to listen. With this type of application, you have two or three numbers sharing one line. You actually have a fax number and a voice number only you canít have more than one call going at a time. This product is the SR.

Price: contact vendor.


Pocket PC

Hewlett-Packard announced the iPAQ Pocket PC H3900 series, complete with a color screen for easier viewing of pictures and for crisp test and versatile features, such as a universal remote control for home and office electronics.

The new iPAQ series also contains a secure digital input/output expansion slot, allowing customers to move data back and forth through the smallest, lightest and most sophisticated storage and expansion accessories. SD cards are typically about the size of a postage stamp, offering expanded memory capacity today and in the future, connectivity capabilities via Bluetooth, digital photography solutions and wireless local area networking. Wireless capability requires optional wireless modem accessory and service contract, purchased separately. The iPAQ Pocket PC H3950 comes with 32 MB of Flash ROM. The iPAQ Pocket PC H3970 comes with integrated Bluetooth capabilities and 48 MB of Flash ROM.

Price: $649.00 - H3950; $749.00 - H3970.



Loaded with features typically found in higher-speed production scanners, the new desktop i200 series scanners announced by Eastman Kodak Co.ís Document Imaging business, offers breakthrough imaging technologies, a unique dockable flatbed accessory and an IEEE-1394 (FireWire) connection. Leveraging its imagine technologies, Kodak has loaded the i200 series scanners with features found on its high-speed i800 series scanners, including tri-color plus CCD Sensor, which allows simultaneous output of high resolution black and white and color; electronic color drop-out to remove irrelevant background color for clear, sharp images within forms processing applications; ultrasonic 3D multi-feed detection, which offers ultrasonic, calibration-free, multi-feed detection to minimize lost documents.

The i200 series scanners, which are Energy Star compliant, are delivered with both ISIS and TWAIN drivers and Kodak Capture Software Lite, which supports all innovative features of the scanners.

Price: $4,600.00 - $9,400.00.