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LineShare is the new product line from Line Sharing Systems. We offer 2 models, the LRS LineShare 4.1 and the LRS LineShare Pro. Both products are fully compatible with Caller-Id, DSL, Cable Phone Services, Magic Jack Plus as well as most VoIP telephone services. As with all automatic line sharing technology as well as all voice, modem and fax switches, they are designed to save you real money by eliminating dedicated phone lines for your business.

Although both products are more similar than they are different, they are aimed at two different types of users.

The LineShare 4.1 is maximized for super easy instillation and for the home or small business owner who cannot afford or is unwilling to pay or employ a technical person to install and configure the system. In most cases it is so simple that you just plug it in. If you do need help or assistance, our toll free tech support staff will help right over the phone.

The LineShare Pro is designed for the professional installer or for users who want to use line sharing technology for more than simply sharing voice and fax. It is typically used for sharing multiple modems on a fax or voice line. The LineShare Pro offers an additional dedicated port which allows more devices to share the line as well as the ability to use the product for additional functions similar to a small phone system such as intercom, transferring calls from one phone to another in addition to the standard fax and modem sharing capabilities.

The LineShare Pro features an emergency barge-in or priority access feature that allows one or more devices to always override any other device that us currently using the phone line. Common uses would be elevator emergency phones, ATM machines, credit card terminals or alarm systems.

Both products are 4 port devices but 4 ports has a different meaning for each product.

The 4.1 has two connected ports and two more independent ports. The two connected ports are typically used for a phone system and answering machine. The second port is like an extension. The other two independent ports are typically for fax and modem.

The Pro has 4 completely independent ports. There is no answering machine port per say. You can program it so after a certain amount of rings it will automatically be routed to another port where you could have an answering machine plugged in but typically you would insert a simple single line jack like you would use to split a line for phone and answering machine in the first port (default voice port).

Since the Pro has 4 independent ports, you can add one more device than with the 4.1. The reason one more device is superior if your application requires it is obvious but the extra port also lets you make better use of the many programmable options both products offer.

For example, the intercom and call transfer options are much more useful with 4 devices instead of 3. If you need more than 4 devices you can plug in additional units together to allow additional phone devices (phones or modems).

Take a look at the Pro Owners Manual for all the programmable features available and you will get the idea what you might be able to do for your customers. Although both products share most of the same programming options, because you have the extra device on the Pro, many are more easily implemented in specific applications.

Whether you application is as simple as automatically sharing a line for phone and fax or more complex sharing with multiple modems and emergency devices on a single phone line, the LineShare is sure to meet your needs. We guarantee it.

LRS LineShare 4.1

LRS LineShare 4.1

The LineShare 4.1 is the newest and most up-to-date line sharing technology.

It is superior to completive products.

It offers all of the features of similar products plus many new features that no other product has.

It has more than twice the programmable features as any other line sharing product.

The LineShare is a feature rich 3 device plus answering machine (4 port - 2 dependant ports plus 2 more independent ports) automated line sharing switch.

It has options for automatic, semi-automatic or distinctive ring, works with all phone company features (including caller-id) and any analog or digital phone service.

Although it is for the most common applications, plug-and-play, it can be easily configured to your specific needs.

Unless you require more than 3 devices, special modem polling features or emergency call override, the LineShare 4.1 is likely your best choice.

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LRS LineShare Pro 

LRS LineShare Pro

The LRS LineShare Pro is a feature rich 4 device (4 independent ports) industrial line management system.

It offers more options and features than any 4 port line sharing product plus many more that no other product offers.

The LineShare Pro is versatile because it has every mode of operation; automatic, semi-automatic and distinctive ring.

It has as well more than twice as many programming options as any other completive product so you can configure it precisely to your specific needs.

The LineShare Pro is the most up-to-date and complete line sharing technology on the market today.

If you are a telecom professional and want to offer your customers or company options to eliminate phone lines and save substantial money year after year, the LineShare Pro will make you a hero.

If you want the best line sharing technology, choose the Line Share Pro. The LineShare Pro is simply the best.

You will glad you did.

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