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Lineshare Pro Saves You Money by eliminating expensive phone lines!

Lineshare Pro:Specially Designed Ring Detection System.

LineShare Pro

The LineShare Pro is a new 1X4 distinctive ring line sharing device that’s compact and easy to install, with a price that makes it an exceptional value.

Direct your distinctive ring calls to the phone(s) or device(s) you designate with the LineShare Pro distinctive ring detector feature.

The LineShare Pro Distinctive Ring Call Manager is used in conjunction with the Distinctive Ring service provided by the local phone company (service activation required).

Once installed on your home or office telephone line, the LineShare Pro distinctive ring detector "listens" to incoming calls to determine ring pattern.

The LineShare Pro distinctive ring detector is great for separating business from personal calls, fax from voice calls, TDD from voice calls, etc... Your fax number rings the fax, your voice number rings your phones, etc...on a SINGLE phone line.

The LineShare Pro distinctive ring detector can process up to three separate distinctive rings as offered in some enhanced phone services.

Provide your customers with the highest standard in call-routing technology and reliability. The LineShare Pro offers powerful, technically advanced features for custom applications. The LineShare Pro is compatible with the Telco's Distinctive Ring, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice Mail.

YES - it works with Caller ID. Our highly talented engineers have added an innovative feature to the LineShare Pro - enhanced Caller ID operation. Using our exclusive and proprietary technology, the Caller ID information is processed and then sent after the first ring to an attached device - just like the telephone company.

This eliminates connecting the Caller ID capable devices before the DR 401c as other products require. Caller ID is automatically sent to the correct port. This is the only dedicated distinctive ring product we know that has this capability. This is of tremendous benefit to those applications requiring the attached devices getting the Caller ID information.

Install at the DEMARC or connect directly to a telephone extension outlet and connect devices like telephones, fax machines, computer modems, etc. Incoming calls are then automatically routed to the desired location, each with its own unique telephone number.

In the small office or home office, the LineShare Pro can be used to differentiate calls for specific users, or to send calls to desired locations. The LineShare Pro provides a cost-effective method of directing calls to the correct device without the extra monthly service charge of additional dedicated telephone lines.

DSL Compatible!

If you have DSL service, you can receive voice or fax call, even when you are online.

Line Share Pro

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LRS-LINESHARE Pro Manual PDF(830k)

Lineshare Pro

  • Automatically routes incoming calls to the desired location
  • Compatible with virtually all telephone products
  • On-Line Extension Protection provides privacy for extension phones
  • Works in any home or non-digital office
  • Compatible with answering machine toll-saver features
  • Active port indicated by LED
  • Convenient port assignment directory
  • Telephone line surge protection

Other Popular Business and Corporate Applications

  • Telecommuting
  • Point-of-Sale Polling
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Check Readers
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Credit card authorization terminal
  • Security alarm and monitoring system
  • Money order dispensing system
  • Paging Systems
  • Fax/modem cards
  • Telephones (phone systems)
  • Answering machine
  • Fax machines
  • Fax modem
  • All-in-one printer-fax-scanner
  • Call diverter
  • Energy management system
  • Flow monitoring system
  • Time and attendance system
  • Point-of-sale terminal
  • Remote diagnostic system


If a device fails to disconnect from the telephone line, the LineShare Pro will shut down that port and release the phone line. A flashing LED indicates which device is locked out. When the device goes back on hook, the port will automatically unlock.

If power to the LineShare Pro is cut, port 1 still functions. Additionally, the LineShare Pro provides AC and telephone line surge protection for all connected devices.

If the line is in use, the LineShare Pro sends a busy signal to the device attempting the outbound call.

The LineShare Pro has LED indicators: one for power, one for Line and one for each of the four ports. When a port is in use, its LED will be red when connected to Line 1 or green for Line 2.If a port device is locked up, its LED will flash rapidly.

The LineShare Pro can detect a port device hang up or an inbound caller hang up, releasing the ports and lines.

CNG detection is built-in. Fax calls received on Line 2 will automatically be routed to Port 8.

Incoming calls can be directed to any port using DTMF transfer codes.

More Features

  • Barge-In-Protection
  • Emergency Override Function
  • Programmable Security Codes
  • Junk-Fax-Screening
  • Incoming Call Priority
  • Message Notification
  • Extension Call Routing
  • Extension Phone Detection
  • Variable Ring Count

Programmable Features

The Lineshare Pro has at least double the programming options of any other line sharinf product including the Multi-Link Polnet 2.0 series.

  • Automatic No Answer Transfer
  • Automatic Primary Port Transfer
  • Automatic Ring Reduction
  • Automatic Ring Reduction Reset
  • Extension Detection
  • On-Line Extension Protection
  • Answer Any Port
  • Pound Key Required
  • Single Tone Detection
  • Fax CNG (Calling) Tone Detection
  • Modem (Calling) Tone Detection
  • Distinctive Ring Service Detection
  • Caller ID Pass Thru
  • Emergency Call Override Action
  • Caller ID Store and Forward
  • Operating Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Port Tone Assignment
  • Rings to Answer Call
  • Rings to Port P1
  • Rings to Port P2
  • Rings to Port P3
  • Rings to Port P4
  • Primary Port Transfer Timer
  • Ring Reduction Reset Timer
  • Single Tone Detection Timer
  • Remote Security Access Code
  • Port P1 Transfer Code
  • Port P2 Transfer Code
  • Port P3 Transfer Code
  • Port P4 Transfer Code
  • Primary Port Selection
  • Secondary Port Selection
  • DRS Assignment
  • Reset to Factory Settings


LineShare Pro




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