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SR-3 Distinctive Ring Switch

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The SR-3 Selective Ring Router is a passive line-sharing device that routes incoming phone (POTS) calls based on the “selective ring” service from the local telephone company. The SR-3 routes up to three numbers per line. Compatible with caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, and TTY/TDD.

  • Cut Phone Costs
  • Precise call routing keeps Home & Business calls isolated
  • Add new telephony equipment without adding costs
  • Plug ‘n’ Play installation


TDD Phones
Separate Business from Personal Calls
Protect Data Transmission
Barge-In Protection
Distinctive Ring Windows XP
Distinctive Ring Answering Machine
Distinctive Ring Fax or Fax Modem
Distinctive Ring Modem

1 SR-3 Device
1 Power Supply
1 7ft. Line Cord
1 Instruction Manual
1 Warranty Card

  • SR-2 (Two Devices)  
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  • SR-3 (Three Devices)  
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The SR-3 Selective Ring Router is a passive line-sharing device that routes incoming phone (POTS) calls based on the “selective ring” service from the local telephone company.

This call switch can be used with any Selective or Distinctive Ring Service offered by local telephone companies in North America. The SR-3 will route inbound calls to the appropriate device based on the ring cadence of each distinctive ring number. The SR-3 routes up to three numbers per line.

The SR-3 saves money by eliminating unnecessary phone lines. It installs on a standard POTS line and does not go “off hook” to screen but routes to the appropriate port based on the signature ring pattern for each phone number assigned to a single phone line.

The primary phone number routes to port one, secondary number to port two, etc. Multi-Link’s “Smartware™” technology eliminates any user programming by automatically learning the ring cadence. Operation is totally automatic. The barge-in protection feature is optional. Outbound calls are processed in the normal fashion.

A perfect application example would be a home office scenario for a real estate or insurance field agent. A primary landline number would be routed to the business phone, a second number for a fax, and the third number could be the residential line.

Inbound calls would be routed straight to the right device, and the other phones would remain silent. The barge-in protection feature makes sure all calls are kept private with no interruptions.

Any combination of telephony devices can be used with the SR-3. For example, 3 faxes, or 3 phones, or 3 Modems, or any combination of these.

You can have up to 3 phone numbers directed to the phone(s), fax, answering machine, modem or any device(s) you designate with Multi-Link's SR-3 Distinctive Ring Call Processor.

Once installed on your home or office telephone line, the SR-3 Call Processor listens to incoming calls to determine ring patterns. The SR-3 is great for separating business from personal calls, fax from voice calls, TDD from voice calls, etc...It can turn your answering machine into a distinctive ring answering machine. Your fax number rings the fax, your voice number rings your phones, etc...on a SINGLE phone line.

The SR-3 is designed for any of the distinctive ring services offered by most phone companies. The SR-3 offers selectable barge-in protection function with a high quality busy signal so you know that the line is in use. All SR products feature the Smartware embedded software that learns your phone company's specific distinctive ring patterns so they are always 100% accurate and dependable.

It is as if each of your 3 phone devices has it's own dedicated telephone line ....without the dedicated line cost! Save hundreds of dollars a year in phone bills, without sacrificing privacy and efficiency with the SR-3 Distinctive call processor.

Eliminates Need for Additional Dedicated Lines   1-800 Technical Support
Works with phone company call forwarding and call waiting.   Individual phone numbers for your fax, voice, and/or modem  
No Misdirected Calls   Saves Money  
100% Accurate   100% Dependable  

2 Year Warranty
110-125 VAC
12-15 VAC at Power Jack
1.9 Watts
REN 0.9B
CE Mark
230V Version Available

*Note: All prices include shipping and handling in the US and most of Canada. We reserve the right to charge up to the actual price of shipping on all orders outside the continental United States. All orders shipped UPS Ground unless specified. For air and express shipments, appropriate charges will be applied to your order.

The SR-3 is made in the USA.


SR-2 (Two Devices)  
Your Price only Delivered*
SR-3 (Three Devices)  
Your Price only Delivered*

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