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October /November 2002

Eliminate Phone Lines with an Intelligent Phone Switch

By Rob Higgins

Whether you operate a home business or a large corporation, your lifeline to the world is the telephone line. With out it you would be out of business. Phone lines are very important, but they are also expensive, and as a valuable resource, they should be managed wisely.

Line-sharing technology can cut fixed costs on your monthly bills and give you the advantage of more control over your telecommunications system. Sharing phone lines for voice callers, a fax machine, a modem, and other devices is both feasible and cost-effective. Automatic call processing technology makes this possible as well as profitable.

Automatic call processors save the monthly cost of having dedicated phone lines for your fax, modem, and/or voice calls. By effectively using your phone lines, you can eliminate one or more of them with the help of a "smart" phone switch.

When installed on your system, the line-sharing device automatically routes calls over one or more lines to multiple devices. When a fax call comes in, the switch automatically sends the call to your fax. If it's a data call, it's routed to your computer. Or if the caller is a human, it's routed to your phones, phone system, or answering machine. The correct device answers automatically and no other devices will ring. A smart switch pays for itself in a few months and keeps on saving you money for years to come.

Cut Fixed Costs

An automatic line-sharing device will save your business about $50 dollars a month per line on average. A smart switch can save you 1-9 lines per unit in phone charges, and multiple-line devices can save you even more.

A computerized call processor can automatically tell whom the call is for and whether the caller is a person or a machine. Fax switching frees up the fax line for other uses when the fax is not in use. Distinctive ring processors allow up to 3 phone numbers on the same line. Tone Detection call processors allow up to 9 devices to share a single phone number. Modems can share lines with other modems, fax machines, voice systems or any phone-connected equipment. You can pool multiple modems over one phone line in one call automatically. Line Sharing will save you thousands over the life of the equipment.


Rob Higgins has degrees in Finance and Business. He currently teaches at Parkland College and is managing director of Higgins International. Learn more about line sharing at or by calling toll-free 866-337-0965.

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