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Forum Home : Dimension : Modem : BVRP and Modem Problems

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BVRP and Modem Problems
Forum Member

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I am having a problem in the way the modem interacts with BVRP �Classic Phone Tools� . I have worked with BVRP Engineers and their Lab folks for over a month. They have finally said that they have every thing that they can com up with to solve my problem. They have come to the conclusion that the problem is with the modem.
I called Dell Tech support and they determine that they problem is not the modem.
My modem is: intel(R)537EP V9x DFV PCI Modem

My complaint and problem is this: The BVRP Classic Phone Tools records callers messages. The message when played back is faint, scratchy, broken and even garbled. What can I do to solve this problem and have clear message play back?

Thanks, hope someone can help

05-20-2004 12:45 AM

Forum Member

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My husband and I, for over 6 weeks have worked on the VERY POOR sound quality with BVRP in conjunction with various modems.

Yes, India was no help.  Yes, BVRP was no help.  We even had a Dell technician come to our home about 4 times - ALL TO NO AVAIL.  Everyone kept blaming everyone else.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we tried the Intel, US Robotics & Conexant modems that Dell gave us.  We bought two modems: US Robotics and Creative.  We tried ALL these modems in conjunction with the following answering machine software:  BVRP and Ventafax.  NONE OF THESE WORKED WITH ANY QUALITY SOUND.

After talking to a US Robotics rep, he explained that Windows XP & 2000 are not TAPI handoff compliant - this means that modems that try to answer voice calls AND receive faxes usually do a very poor job at same.  This was one of the reasons US Robotics has stopped making voice modems.

We FINALLY came across a product that helps us do what we want:  It's called "The Stick" (

The Stick determines what type of signal is being received on the phone line, and then routes the signal to the appropriate device for answering.  E.G.  We have voice calls routed to the PC (using IVM software -, and faxes are sent to our multifunction BROTHER MFC-8420 (as if it were receiving a dedicated phone line signal).  The faxes then get rerouted back to the PC and Microsoft Fax takes it from there.  FINALLY,  we have digital faxes & digital voicemessages!!!!

It's hard to believe in this day and age when trees are at a premium, and no one wants to printoff all those junk faxes, that someone, somewhere hasn't come up with a simpler workable software solution.  FOR NOW, THE STICK WORKS.

Hope this helps!

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05-20-2004 10:12 PM
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