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Lineshare 4.1 Saves You Money by eliminating expensive phone lines!

Save hundreds of dollars a year in phone line expenses with LRS LineShare 4.1 .

Lineshare 4.1 -Automatic Line Sharing Device

In many businesses or home offices, additional communication devices, such as fax machines and modems, are used only occasionally, making the cost of additional phone lines unjustified. LineShare 4.1 allows you to share a single phone line with multiple communication devices, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars a year in phone line charges!

Use LineShare 4.1 to automatically route incoming phone calls to up to three communication devices, such as:

  • Fax Machines
  • Computer Modems & Fax/Modems
  • Credit Card Verifiers
  • Polling Systems
  • Energy Management Systems


Automatic operation: LineShare 4.1 answers all incoming calls after the first ring. It then listens for fax tone, reverse modem tone, or transfer codes on the line, while giving ringback to the calling party.LineShare 4.1 automatically routes the call to the appropriate device based on what tone or code it hears on the line. If no tone or transfer code is present, the call is routed to the phones (voice port).
Default transfer to fax: Incoming calls without any tone or transfer code are directed to the phones (voice port). If the phone is not answered, the call can optionally be transferred to the fax port. This number of rings can be changed, or the transfer to fax can be disabled.
Transfer option: If desired, incoming calls can also be transferred to the proper port by dialing transfer codes on the phone. 11 sends the call to the fax port, 22 to the modem port. If no one is in the office, an answering machine can instruct callers to dial these codes to transfer their calls. Modem callers can simply enter the transfer code into their dialing string prior to initiating the call.
Barge-in protection: Outgoing calls are unaffected by LineShare 4.1 and can be made as usual. If the line is in use, anyone attempting to make an outgoing call will hear a phone company busy tone from LineShare 4.1.
Caller ID: LineShare 4.1 can be set to answer calls on the first ring, instead of the aexonf, to give Caller ID signals time to arrive from the phone company and reach any Caller ID phones connected to the phone line in front of the LineShare 4.1.


LineShare 4.1 can be installed in both home and office environments. To ensure automatic operation, all the telephones on the line should be connected to the voice port of the LineShare 4.1.

The fax and/or modem should then be connected directly to the corresponding LineShare 4.1 ports. LineShare 4.1 can be installed on the phone line ahead of an office Key Telephone System or PBX.


LRS LineShare 4.1 listens for incoming fax tone, modem tone, or transfer codes to automatically route the call to the proper device.
Works with all types of phone equipment, including single-line phones, key systems and PBXs, tone or pulse phones.
No programming is required. LineShare 4.1 can be easily installed at the beginning of the phone line to automatically route all incoming calls.

In most cases, no changes need to be made to the default settings; however, if you do modify any of these settings, the changes are stored in non-volatile memory, so the changes will not be lost during power failures.
High quality ringback to the calling party ensures that callers are unaware of the presence of a line sharing device.
AC ringing is applied to the connected devices, guaranteeing that all phone, fax, and modem equipment will operate properly when connected to the LineShare 4.1.
Line Exclusion assures that calls cannot be interrupted by others trying to make outgoing calls. Another device attempting to access the line will receive a busy tone from the LineShare 4.1.
Call Hangup Detection allows the LineShare 4.1 to detect when a caller hangs up and to drop the call, without continuing to ring the telephone equipment, fax machine, modem, etc.
Access to the phone line during power outages is available from the voice portc onnected to the LineShare 4.1 . LineShare's programming settings are saved during power outages.
Advance screening for transfer codes makes the LineShare 4.1 ideal for a variety of applications. Share a line with two or three modems, credit card verifiers, polling equipment, etc.

Why LineShare 4.1?

LineShare 4.1 is designed and manufactured with high quality components for long-lasting performance. When properly installed, LineShare 4.1 is guaranteed to work with all types of phone equipment. 

Feature for feature, LineShare 4.1 offers the best value for products of its kind and is the product chosen by many professional telephone installers.


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LRS-LINESHARE 4.1 Manual PDF(830k)

Lineshare 4.1 Typical Setup

  • Single-Line Phone
  • Answering Machine or Voice Mail
  • Fax Machine or Fax Modem
  • Computer Dial Up Modem

Popular Small Office / Home Office Applications

  • Telecommuting
  • Point-of-Sale Polling
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Check Readers
  • Remote Monitoring

More Features

  • Barge-In-Protection
  • Programmable Security Codes
  • Junk-Fax-Screening
  • Incoming Call Priority
  • Distinctive Ring Compatible
  • Message Notification
  • Extension Call Routing
  • Extension Phone Detection
  • Variable Ring Count


LineShare 4.1

Retail Package

Need a custom application? No problem!

The Lineshare 4.1 comes preset to most applications. But, if something isn't exactly as you want, it can easily be customized using a touch-tone phone.

Incredibly easy to install!

Setup only takes a few minutes. Just plug in the LineShare 4.1. Connect your phone, answering machine, fax, and modem and you are ready to go! No special wiring. No software. No service fees - ever!

Even easier to use!

The Lineshare 4.1 does everything AUTOMATICALLY! It listens to each incoming call for CNG tones, and touch tones and then switches the call to the right device. Even while you are away.

Need help? Give us a call!

For tips or trouble shooting ask one of our experts. Call our toll free tech support number at 1-866-337-0965 or email us at info@lineroutingsystems.com from this web site.

Compatible with Many Telephone Company Services

  • Voice Mail*
  • Caller-ID
  • Distinctive Ring
  • DSL
  • Magic Jack Plus

*Requires Distinctive Ring Service. Check with your local phone company for availability.

DSL Compatible!

If you have DSL service, you can receive voice or fax call, even when you are online.


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LRS-4.1 Lineshare 4.1 - 4-Port Line Sharing Device


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