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Lineshare 4.1 Saves You Money by eliminating expensive phone lines!

Telephone Line Sharing System/Fax Switch.

Eliminate the need for extra dedicated phone lines

1 Telephone Line --telephones, 4 Device Ports (2 Ports Are Linked)--usually an answering machine, phone, fax and modem.

Use the LRS LineShare 4.1 fax switch to automatically route calls to your phone, answering machine, fax and modem - all on a single line! Choose Automatic, Semi-Automatic operation. (Telephone line sharing device - fax switch.)

DSL Compatible*

Distinctive Ring mode for simple line sharing - When you add a second or third phone number to your single line, the LineShare 4.1 works smoothly with Distinctive Ring service offered by most local phone companies (different companies have various names for this service; check with your phone company for details).

In short, the LineShare 4.1 is able to recognize specific ring patterns assigned to your different phone numbers and route calls to the right device.

Yes, you can use phone company Voice Mail and Caller ID - We've made it possible for the LineShare 4.1 to work with Voice Messaging from the phone company (requires Distinctive Ring service activation).

The system is also perfectly compatible with Caller ID service (requires service activation).

Now the LineShare 4.1 features enhanced Caller ID operation. Using our exclusive and proprietary technology, the Caller ID information is processed and then sent after the first ring to a port - just like the telephone company.

This eliminates connecting the Caller ID capable devices before the LineShare 4.1 or answering after the second ring as other products require. Plus - another Command Communications exclusive - the enhanced Caller ID feature operates with the DRS - Caller ID automatically sent to the correct port. No one else we know has this exclusive feature!

And maybe the best news of all is that there's no new software to load and learn. The LineShare 4.1works with virtually all communications packages. Talk about versatile!

Monitoring - LRS LineShare 4.1 is so smart it stays on the line during every call, listening for tone commands you send from the keypad of a telephone. So you can talk for a few minutes, push three keys, and transfer the call to your fax machine to receive a document. All on the same call.

* DSL In-Line Microfilter phone filters are required - available from most consumer electronics stores.

Need a custom application? No problem!

The Lineshare 4.1 comes preset to most applications. But, if something isn't exactly as you want, it can easily be customized using a touch-tone phone.

Incredibly easy to install!

Setup only takes a few minutes. Just plug in the LineShare 4.1. Connect your phone, answering machine, fax, and modem and you are ready to go! No special wiring. No software. No service fees - ever!

Even easier to use!

The Lineshare 4.1 does everything AUTOMATICALLY! It listens to each incoming call for CNG tones, and touch tones and then switches the call to the right device. Even while you are away.

Need help? Give us a call!

For tips or trouble shooting ask one of our experts. Call our toll free tech support number at 1-866-337-0965 or email us at info@lineroutingsystems.com from this web site.

Compatible with Many Telephone Company Services

  • Voice Mail*
  • Caller-ID
  • Call Forwarding*
  • Distinctive Ring
  • DSL
  • Magic Jack Plus

*Requires Distinctive Ring Service. Check with your local phone company for availability.

DSL Compatible!

If you have DSL service, you can receive voice or fax call, even when you are online.

Your Price only Delivered*

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Your Price only Delivered*

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LRS-LINESHARE 4.1 Manual PDF(830k)
  • Automatic line sharing device - Lets up to 3 devices - usually a telephone, answering machine, fax and modem - share a single phone line.
  • Choose "Automatic" or "Semi-Automatic" mode - The LineShare 4.1 immediately answers every call in the "Automatic" mode. If you prefer to have all your extension phones ring normally, the "Semi-Automatic" Mode is also selectable. The choice is yours..
  • Remote message notification - Never miss another important message while you're away.

    Every time you receive a voice message, fax document or data transmission, LRS LineShare 4.1 will automatically send a special tone message to any desired telephone number - local or long distance. (Not compatible with tone pagers.)

Lineshare 4.1 Typical Setup

  • Single-Line Phone
  • Answering Machine or Voice Mail
  • Fax Machine or Fax Modem
  • Computer Dial Up Modem

Popular Small Office / Home Office Applications

  • Telecommuting
  • Point-of-Sale Polling
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Check Readers
  • Remote Monitoring

More Features

  • Barge-In-Protection with Busy Signal
  • Programmable Security Codes
  • Junk-Fax-Screening
  • Incoming Call Priority
  • Distinctive Ring Service
  • Message Notification
  • Extension Call Routing
  • Extension Phone Detection
  • Variable Ring Count


LineShare 4.1

Retail Package

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LRS-4.1 Lineshare 4.1 - 4-Port Line Sharing Device


Your Price only Delivered*

Click on:
to order online direct now.

Call toll free 1-866-337-0965 or 1-217-337-0965 to order by phone or for a FREE consultation.
We guarantee your satisfaction.

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