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Add Oil Tank Level Detectors without Adding Phone Lines
Add Oil Tank Level Detectors without Adding Phone Lines
Oil Tank Level Detector Application

Oil Tank Management Systems (like the MaxLife™ Total Oil Management System by RTI) used in Restaurants need a network connection to report oil tank levels and require a costly a new dedicated line to operate. With The Stick™ from Multi-Link, you can avoid the cost of this dedicated line by sharing an existing phone line with the Oil Tank Level Detector of these systems.

A single dedicated line can cost $600 per year. Hence, a restaurant operator with 50 locations -that eliminates or saves 50 dedicated lines -will save $30,000 per year in telecommunication costs.

The Stick™, with its line sharing capabilities, can share a single line with up to four devices and is an ideal solution for many other popular restaurant applications.

The Stick

Other Popular Restaurant Applications

  • Point of Sale
  • Security System
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR's)
  • Gift Card modems
  • Energy Management
  • Window timers
  • Out of Band network access
  • Dial-up Modems


  • Savings -each line you eliminate saves $600/year
  • The Stick’s ROI is < 60 days
  • Affordable
  • Dependable -99.99 reliability
  • Plug & Play, Easy to install, Compatible
  • Feature rich
  • Security Access Codes (user defined)
  • Excellent Support, Free Tech Support
  • Proven experience: More than 600,000 devices installed, More than 22 years of service

Who is Multi-Link?
Multi-Link, Incorporated is a Kentucky based manufacturer dedicated to the development and marketing of high quality telecommunications devices for a wide variety of commercial and government applications.

Over 22 years of design and manufacturing experience has earned us the reputation as the premier company in telephone line sharing products. Thousands of companies are utilizing our devices to reduce their telecommunications cost through more efficient use of telephone lines.

Manufactured in Nicholasville Kentucky USA.

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