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Selective Ring Call Router

SR-3 Selective Ring Call Processor


  • Saves money by eliminating
    unnecessary phone lines
  • Automatic & Precise Routing
  • Add equipment without adding
    phone lines
  • R.O.I. in 3 months


Out‐of‐Band Network Access

Energy Management Controls

Point‐of‐Sale System Integration

Modem Polling

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Automated Meter Reading

Small/Home Office

Console Port Access

FAX & Phone Line Consolidation

Home & Business Line Consolidation

Product Overview

The SR‐3 call processor is a passive line‐sharing device that routes incoming phone (POTS) calls based on the “selective ring” service from the local telephone company.

The SR‐3 routes up to three numbers per line. Compatible with caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, and TTY/TDD. The selective ring service goes by different names depending on the phone service provider.

For SOHO applications, the SR‐3 allows a phone and fax machine to share a single phone line while using different numbers. One phone line can be used for home and business, with automatic routing. Only home phones will ring when the home phone number is called, and business calls are directed to the business phone or fax.

Many companies poll remote equipment on a daily basis for data acquisition. With the SR‐3, polling
calls will automatically be routed to the right equipment based on the phone number dialed. Sharing a line reduces costs and makes the SR‐3 an essential part of this application.


PLUG ‘N’ PLAY INSTALLATION Smartware™ technology automatically learns ring cadence to eliminate programming hassles.

Prevents active calls from interruption by another device connected to The SR‐3.

Precision routing based on Telco’s ring cadence. The SR‐3 does not need to go off‐hook to direct calls.

COMPATIBLE WITH TELCO FEATURES Works with Voice Mail, Call Forward, Call Waiting, and Caller ID.




How does The SR‐3 work?

The SR‐3 works on a standard POTS line and does not go “off hook” to screen but routes to the appropriate port based on the signature ring pattern for each phone number assigned to a single phone line.

The primary phone number routes to port one, secondary number to port two, etc. Multi‐Link’s “Smartware™” technology eliminates any user programming by automatically learning the ring cadence. Operation is totally automatic.

The barge‐in protection feature is optional. Outbound calls are processed in the normal fashion.



Ask our technicians

Our staff of technicians is available to answer any questions you may have about programming or installation. We can even test and program your unit over the phone!

We are available before and after the sale to ensure your satisfaction and optimal performance for your application.

TOLL FREE: 866.337.0965
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Model Number SR‐3 Device Interface  
    Battery: 48 Volts Nominal DC to all devices
Input Power Requirements   Off‐Hook Detection: 6‐150 mA
At AC Transformer: 110‐125 Volts AC only, 50‐60 Hz    
At Power Jack on The SR: 12‐15 Volts AC CO Interface  
    Ringer Equivalence Number: 0.9B
Power Consumption: 6.2 Watts Input Ring Detection: 40‐150 Volts AC, 15‐68 Hz
Power Consumption at standby: Approx. 44mA @ 12 VDC Physical: 8.2" L x 1.45" W x 2.25" H, 11.2oz
  Approx. 50mA AC at 120VAC    


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