Save $600 a year!
THE STICK has benefits
that you can take that you can take to the bank...

  • Saves money by sharing phone equipment with one line !
  • Automatically routes incoming calls
    to phone, fax, or modem
  • Easy to use --- No software or drivers to install
  • Return on Investment in 3 months
  • Works with any type of phone
    system or telephony device
Some popular applications:
  • P.O.S. System Integration
  • Out-of-Band Network Access
  • Modem Polling
  • Fuel Tank Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Small/Home Office
  • Service Port Access
  • Utility Equipment Maintenance
  • ... Any Telephony Application!

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The Stick Faxswitch

Reduce your phone bill with The Stick...
Start saving today!

Take a look at your bottom line. Dedicated fax or modem lines, used just minutes a day, are a big waste of your hard earned money. With the average monthly cost per business phone line at $50, eliminating just one line can save you $600/year!

The Stick Call Processor automatically screens and routes all incoming voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment everytime so there is no more need for costly dedicated lines. The Stick’s commercial grade quality and programming flexibility can handle demanding business applications yet it is simple enough to use at home. Other features like DSL & Caller ID compatibility, surge protection, barge-in protection, and Bell Spec ring-back tones have made The Stick a favorite with professional installers for over 20 years!

Join thousands of satisfied Multi-Link customers who have cut their phone bills each and every month. The Stick is a proven money saving solution. After all, it’s your money --- keep it!

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It’s Easy to Use!
It Pays for Itself!


How can The Stick save you money?
You can maximize the use of a single phone line by sharing it with your phone, fax, modem or other telephony devices.

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you need THE STICK...
  • Are you paying for a dedicated phone line that is used only minutes a day?
  • Would you like added security on your phone line?
  • Do you poll data once a day?
  • Do you need data disruption protection for your POS transactions?
  • Would you like the convenience of automatically routing calls to your answering machine, fax, and modem?

How does it work?
Phone, Modem and  FaxWhen installed on a typical phone line, THE STICK automatically answers inbound calls and “listens” for fax tones and Security Access and“Codes (DTMF or touch tones). During this screening process, The Stick transmits a high quality ring-back to the calling party. When the screening operation is complete, the call is immediately routed to the correct device. All this takes place in just a few seconds!

Ask our Technicians
Our staff of technicians is available to answer any questions you may have about programming or installation. We can even test and program your unit over the phone! We are available before and after the sale to ensure your satisfaction and optimal performance for your application.

TOLL FREE: 866.337.0965
FAX: 217.337.0586

Made in the USA Made on USA

Product Info. Online Manual Online Manual
Download Manual: Stick Manual Zip (605k) Download in Zip Format
Print/Download Manual: Stick Manual PDF(830k) Download PDF


Pre-programmed to auto route fax calls to fax or fax modem
Prevents ongoing calls from interruption by another device connected to The Stick
Program all features via telephone keypad; No PC interface or drivers to install
Transfer a call to any device port by touchtones
User defined transfer codes provide security and control
The Stick transmits a “ring-back” that sounds just like the phone ompany’s. Callers won’t know the difference!
Programing is preserved after a power outage
Friendly to the environment. No lead or other harmful components.
Our tech support team is available toll-free to program THE STICK over the phone!
The Stick is manufactured in Nicholasville, Kentucky USA. 100% American made.

Product Dimensions:
Height 2.40”
Length 8.15”
Width 1.40”

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More info:
The Stick - Automatic Call Processor for phones, fax, & modems

The Stick - Saving Money For Small & Large Businesses

The Stick: Fax, Phone, Voice Device


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