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Credit Card Authorization Machines
Money Order Terminals
Cash Register Polling
Storage Tank Monitoring Systems

2 Year Warranty
110-125 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
12-15 VAC at Power Jack
8 Watts Idle
10 Watts Ringing
REN 1.1B
230V Version Available

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The Polnet® ACP is an industrial grade automatic call processor designed to eliminate dedicated phone lines by expanding the number of devices you can connect to a single line.

When installed, the Polnet ACP automatically answers the line and determines where each call should be routed. "Data Polling" calls that produce the proper security access code (DTMF tones) get routed to the assigned modem or device for each code. The Polnet ACP also detects CNG tones for automatic routing to fax equipment. If no tones are detected, the Polnet ACP routes calls to a phone or phone system.

Programmable security access codes for each device port keep your information safe from unwanted callers or hackers.

Security   Multi-Port Polling
Save Money   Line Sharing
Increased Connectivity   3, 5, and 9 Port Models
Auto Fax Detect   Remote Diagnostics
Dual Surge Protection   Fully Programmable
Barge-In Protection   Call Grab

1 Polnet ACP
1 Power Supply
1 7ft. Line Cord
RJ-31 Adapter
Wall Jack Mounting Hardware
Installation Manual


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