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Versa-Link ATX-250 and ATX-300
Product Info. ATX-250 Zip (605k)
Download ATX-250 Manual: ATX-250 PDF(843k)
Product Info. ATX-300 Zip (740k)
Download ATX-300 Manual: ATX-300 PDF(992k)
Product Info. ATX-300 6-port insert Zip (51k)
Download ATX-300 6-port Insert: ATX-300 6-port insert PDF(62k)

Remote-Site Polling of Cash Registers.
Security Monitoring Systems
Energy / Climate Control Systems
Underground Storage Tank Monitoring

110-125 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
12-15 VAC at Power Jack
3 Watts (ATX 250)
4.2 Watts (ATX 300)
REN 1.1B
2 Year Warranty

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Call 1-217-337-0965

Get Acrobat if you need it.
The Versa-Link is an automatic call processor that routes calls based on CNG and DTMF tones. DIP switches located on the device let you make programming changes easily.

The output jacks are labeled Device 1 and 2 (250 model) and 1, 2, and 3 (300 model) leaving the user free to use any combination of communication devices. A 6 port model is also available.

Barge-in protection keeps your data transmissions free from interruption. A busy signal is heard when other devices attempt to use the outgoing line.

Security   Line-Sharing
No Misdirected Calls   Automatic Fax Detection
Caller ID Compatible   Surge Protection
Eliminates Need for Dedicated Lines   Barge-In Protection with Busy Signal
Data Integrity   Distinctive Ring Compatible
1-800 Tech. Support   Manual Call Transfer

1 Versa-Link Call Processor
1 AC Adapter
1 7ft. Telephone Line Cord
1 Instruction Manual
Mounting Materials (250)


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