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I want to forward my cell calls when I am not in my office but still want to get my fax and modem calls at the office. Will the Stick do this or do I need a different type of product?

The Stick is not the right product for your application if you want to transfer your calls to your cell phone when you are not in the office.

The Stick will not allow you to transfer your calls because it answers the phone to listen for cng (fax), dtmf (touch tones) or the absence of any tones. Even though the calling party doesn't know it (the stick generates a ring back tone just like the phone company so callers think the phone is ringing but in reality, it is already listening) the Stick answers the phone. If the phone is answered, the call can't be transferred unless you have another line to transfer it on. Anyway...The Stick is a great product...just not right for your application.

You are in luck though because we have the perfect product for you. I have exactly the same setup as you want to have so I know that this will work and you will love it. I transfer my calls to my cell phone when I leave the office but fax and modem calls are not transferred to my cell. Fax calls go to the fax. Modem calls go to my modem. That's what you want. Right?

It's a little more tricky than the stick because you have to call the phone company and sign up for a service. You also have be sure to instruct them on how you want it set up but it's worth it. Programming is a breeze. All you have to do is call into each of your phone numbers one time and it's programmed. That's it. This box is so smart that it learns your local phone company ring voltage signals. That's why it always works perfectly everywhere the service is offered. No other switch does this. Like I said, I personally do exactly what you will be doing. I get my voice call wherever I am. I am FREE of waiting by the phone and I love it.

The type of product that we recommend to work with call forwarding is called the SR. Like I said, what you will need to do is call your local phone company and tell them that you want your distinctive ringing service to transfer calls separately. When you call them to sign up for the distinctive ringing service, just tell them that you want to forward your main number and not your distinctive ringing number when you forward your calls. Otherwise they will transfer all of your numbers. I know because I went through this when I got mine installed 17 years ago. (Before I had a cell phone, I transferred my calls to land phones). I just talked to a phone man from SBC the other day and he said you still have to request to have only your main number transferred but they do it. You just have to be sure to ask.

That said...let me explain how the SR works so you can see for yourself:

Distinctive ringing: Distinctive ringing is a service offered by your local telephone company that you pay about $2.50 a month per number for (similar to the way you pay for call waiting and other features). What the service does is gives you up to three phone numbers on one line. Each number issues a different ringing pattern so if it's a normal ring you know its phone number one, a double ring is phone number two and so forth.

What a distinctive ringing box (The SR) does is monitor the line and then routes the calls by phone number to the specific device for that phone number. The box never actually answers the phone to listen like the tone detection models do so calls can be forwarded by phone number thus your call forwarding will work just like it does now plus anyone who calls your fax number will be routed to the fax. The SR constantly monitors the phone company patterns so it just passes the phone company signal to the correct device as soon as it detects the phone company ring voltage. With the SR Series, you have two or three phone numbers sharing one line.

In this application, you actually have a fax number and a modem number (and a voice number or other number with the SR-3). When you push # 72 and your cell number, only your voice calls are forwarded.

Using one of our distinctive ringing switches is just like having 2 (or 3) dedicated phone lines except you can't have more than one call going at a time on your single line. You call one number for your fax, another number for your modem and/or another number for voice. Each device has it's own phone number. It also looks great on your business card to have three numbers instead of just one.

This product is the SR. We have 2 SR products ( and SR-2 (two phone numbers) which is only $109 delivered or SR-3 (2 or 3 phone numbers) which is only $10.00 more. You can order either securely online at either of the above pages or at There are also links below that link to these products.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, or if you want to place your order by phone, call me toll free at 866-337-0965 or email me.

Click on one of the links above for your application or review the products below and click on the link that suits you best. Chances are you will find a switch that will meet your needs. Any of these products could save you thousands over the next few years by reducing your local phone bill.


SR Series

2 Year Warranty (SR2, SR3),
The Selective Ring call processor for distinctive ring customers. Only ring the device intended for that call. Choose from 2 or 3 selective ring lines and AC powered or Line powered devices. If you want to be able to transfer your voice calls to your cell phone, this the the product for you.

SR-2 (Two Devices)
Your Price only Delivered*

SR-3 (Three Devices)
Your Price only Delivered*

The Stick


1 Year Warranty
High quality Voice/Fax/Modem/Data automatic call processor for the home or small business. Automatically routes calls to the right device every time!

Your Price only Delivered*

The Stick II

1 Year Warranty
A true two-line Voice/Fax/Modem/Data call processor.
Unique Features include:
• Call In/Dial Out Long Distance Saver
• Port-to-Port Communication and Data Transfer

  Your Price only Delivered*


2 Year Warranty
Offering two models that, in addition to functionality similar to The Stick (voice/fax/modem call processor), can process selective ring detection, DIP switch programmability, phone line surge protection, and an internal busy signal. Highest quality automatic call processor in the world. The ultimate in reliability and dependability.

ATX-250 (Two Devices)  
Your Price only $196.00 Delivered*

ATX-300 (Three Devices)
Your Price only $299.00 Delivered*

ATX-300/6 (Six Devices)
Your Price only $479.00 Delivered*

Polnet® ACP 3,5,9


2 Year Warranty
An Industrial Grade Automatic Call Processor eliminates dedicated phone lines by expanding the number of devices you can connect to a single line. Use the Polnet for modems, data and credit card terminals, storage and monitor systems, and more! Typically used for multiple location modem applications. Email us about our RAD (Remote Access Dialer) for use with this equipment.

ACP-3 (Three Devices)
Your Price only $249.00 Delivered*

ACP-5 (Five Devices)
Your Price only $309.00 Delivered*

Other Products


1 Year Warranty
Advanced call management system that routes or blocks calls based on:
• Caller ID
• Fax Tones
• DTMF Touch Tones

Your Price only $399.00 Delivered*

The Power Stone®

1 Year Warranty
A call-activated AC power controller. Reboot and power up/down off-site computers and other devices by phone.

Your Price only $129.00 Delivered*

*Note: All prices include shipping and handling in the US and most of Canada. We reserve the right to charge up to the actual price of shipping on all orders outside the continental United States. All orders shipped UPS Ground unless specified. For air and express shipments, appropriate charges will be applied to your order.

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