Series T Connector

When installing the ACP on a single phone line where only one RJ-11 walljack is present, it may be advantageous to use a 4-pin/8-pin T-connector.


This T-connector, when inserted in a regular RJ-11 jack, expands the interface to support RJ-11 C/RJ-31X Modular connectors.



By utilizing a 4/8 pin series T-connector on a regular RJ-11 C walljack, the ACP can be connected to the existing phone line without installing a RJ-31X walljack. The ACP line cord plugs into the 8-pin side of the T-connector and the phone can be plugged into the 4-pin side.


Note: If more than one RJ-11 C jack is present on the existing phone wiring, the 4/8 pin series T-connector should be inserted on the first incoming walljack on the phone line. The phone line wire running to the next walljack should be disconnected at the first walljack. This will ensure that all incoming calls will be routed through the ACP. If the additional RJ-11 C walljacks are needed for phone extensions, simply crimp an RJ-11 C modular plug on the end of the disconnected line and plug it in to the RJ-11 C side of the 4/8 pin T-connector.


Listed below are part numbers for the 4/8 pin series T-connector. If your telephone accessories retailer does not have the part numbers listed in his catalogs, ask him to cross reference them to another manufacturer’s part number.


Part No.

AT 267 SB



Allen Tel