Multiple Line Installation

A. Before a Key System


Ring Supervision:


Barge-in Protection:


Install, Ease/Expense




You can only install your SR on the CO* side of the KSU. You cannot install it on the station or extension side.


  1. Disconnect the desired line from the KSU.

  2. Mount the SR in a convenient location near the KSU. Under two of the feet on the SR are mounting slots.

  3. At the demarc, install an RJ-11 if one does not exist. Label it “LINE”. Attach the “LINE” jack of the SR to this RJ-11 with the supplied line cord. Shorten if desired.

  4. If necessary, install an RJ-11 on the KSU side of this line. Connect the “DEVICE 1” jack to this RJ-11 with a line cord.

  5. If necessary, run additional station wiring to the data devices and install modular jacks on each end. Connect the proper DEVICE jack on the SR to the close jack, and connect the data device to the far jack.

* Telephone company