Single Line Installation

B. Wiring Modifications


Ring Supervision:


Barge-in Protection:


Install, Ease/Expense



Materials Needed: 2 modular wall jacks, 1 line cord, station wire (perhaps).



If possible, this is the best way to install your SR when you have extension telephones. Contact an installer if you need additional help.


  1. Choose a suitable location for your SR. One good place to consider is near the point that the telephone line enters your home or building. Other good places are where existing telephone jacks are located.

  2. Disconnect the telephone company’s line from all of your existing jacks, but leave the jacks still wired to each other. This needs to be done at a point BEFORE the incoming line splits off to other extensions.

  3. If you disconnect the incoming line from a jack, label the existing jack “TELEPHONES”. If you did not, install a jack, label it “TELEPHONES”, and connect the two wires going toward your phone equipment to the RED and GREEN terminals of this new jack.

  4. Mount a modular jack* at the location of your SR and connect the telephone company incoming line to the RED and GREEN terminals. It may be necessary to run additional station wire* from the incoming line. Label this jack “LINE”.

  5. Connect the “LINE” input of your SR to the modular wall jack marked “LINE” with the supplied line cord. Connect the wall jack marked “TELEPHONES” to the DEVICE 1 jack on your SR with a line cord.

  6. Attach any other telephones or data equipment to the other DEVICE jacks on your SR.

  7. If you need to attach an additional telephone to DEVICE 1 at the SR, you can use a telephone line “Y” adapter* to allow you to plug two line cords into the DEVICE 1 jack.


* Refer to Recommended Parts and Materials Section, page 22.