Single Line Installation

C. Installation with Adapters

(only for use in homes where only one line is used, and each jack has four wires attached)


Ring Supervision:


Barge-in Protection:


Install, Ease/Expense



Materials Needed: 1 two-line splitter for each existing wall jack, 1 line cord.



If your home or business has 4 or 6-wire cable to each wall jack, you can make your installation look electronically like installation B by using special 2-line (to 1-line) splitter adapters*. The adapters will utilize an unused pair of wires in your home to connect your telephones.


  1. Choose a location where there is an existing wall jack and where only one phone or data device will be connected BY ITSELF to a DEVICE jack. You will install your SR at this location.

  2. Unplug anything connected to this wall jack and plug the 2-line adapter* into the wall jack.

  3. (READ CAREFULLY) Connect the “LINE” jack of your SR to the “LINE 1” side of the 2-line adapter with the supplied line cord.

  4. Connect the “DEVICE 1” jack of your SR to the “LINE 2”side of the 2- line adapter with a line cord.

  5. Connect your data devices and/or other telephones to the DEVICE 2 (or 3) jacks on your SR. These devices or phones will be rung by your additional telephone number(s).

  6. For each wall jack in your home, disconnect anything plugged into it. Insert a 2-line adapter and re-connect the cord to the ,“LINE 2” side of the adapter. If it is impractical to insert a 2-line adapter (for example, with a wall-mount telephone), convert this jack by:

    1. Swapping the GREEN wire with the BLACK wire
    2. Swapping the RED wire with the YELLOW wire
    Then plug the phone back into the converted jack.


* Refer to Recommended Parts and Materials Section, page 22