Single Line Installation

D. Partial Supervision with One SR


Ring Supervision:


Barge-in Protection:


Install, Ease/Expense



If left to your own devices (ha, ha; bad pun), this is the installation that you would probably stumble upon, and then call your dealer and complain that your SR doesn’t work the way you wanted.



In reality, this installation is fast, easy, and works great if you don’t need barge-in protection and if you don' t care if your other phones ring all the time. The best application is adding a FAX, MODEM, or answering machine on the second number. The obvious drawback is that even if you turn the barge-in switch “ON” on your SR, you can still interrupt a call with your extension phones.


  1. Choose a location with an existing wall jack to add your additional equipment. Unplug any cord from the wall jack. Connect the “LINE” jack of your SR to the wall jack with the supplied line cord.

  2. Attach your equipment to the proper DEVICE jacks on your SR. You can also re-attach a telephone to DEVICE 1.