Distinctive Ring Service

A Word About the “Distinctive Ring Service”

Your local telephone company has provided you with an inexpensive “ Distinctive Ring” service which increases your communications capability.

The service goes by different names depending on the telephone company -Custom Ringing by U.S. West, Smart Ring by GTE, Ring Master by Bell South, Ring Mate by NYNEX, Personalized Ringing by Southwestern Bell, Call Identification Service by Ameritech, Ident-a Ring by Bell Atlantic, etc.

These services all work in the same manner. Two, and sometimes three, different numbers can be requested from the phone company. The numbers ring through a single line coming into the business or residence and each number can be distinguished by the pattern of the ring. These ring patterns are made up of various combinations of ring bursts.

Examples of the different ring patterns would be:


Original Number

1 Regular Ring

Second Number

2 Short Rings

Third Number     

3 Rings (Shorts and Longs)