Easy Single Line Installation

F. No Supervision with One SR with Fax


Ring Supervision:

Interesting (phones ring until fax answers)

Barge-in Protection:

Sorry! - None

Install, Ease/Expense



This is the easiest installation possible. Just plug the SR in where your fax machine is. How simple can it get?

This installation offers an advantage or disadvantage depending on your preferences and your fax machine or fax modem's capabilities, the ability to have all phones ring once or more with the distinctive ring sound when a fax call arrives. Also with this installation there is no barge-in protection whatsoever.

Here is the situation...
In this installation, the only device connected to the SR is the fax. Since the phones are not connected at all to the SR, they all will ring with that funny distinctive ring sound until your fax (or another device like an answering machine for instance) answers the call. In other words, if you have your fax set to ring on two rings before it answers, all the phones will ring two times. This is similar to the idea of letting your phones ring x number of times before the answering machine answers.

This could be an advantage because it warns you that you have a fax. For me, this is actually great because the fax is in my office and sometimes I am in other parts of the building where I wouldn't normally be able to hear the fax. Since my fax has a minimum of two rings in the settings, all my phones throughout the building ring a couple times when a fax (usually an order) comes in so I know that I just received a fax. When I travel, I connect my fax line to my computer modem and have software that transfers the faxes to the gentleman who does my orders when I am not here. In this case, I set my rings on my fax/modem software to answer on zero so the phones throughout the building don't ring when a fax call comes in.

Since none of the phones are connected to the SR, nothing changes when a voice call comes in. Caller id and other company features work exactly as before the SR was added (because they aren't even connected to it).

The disadvantage would be if your fax doesn't have a zero ring setting, like mine and you have it installed in your home and you have a phone next to your bed. If a fax call comes in in the middle of the night and the phone next to your bed rings thus waking you up. Of course, you could turn off the ringer on the phone next to your bed but some people might be perturbed by the phone ringing in the middle of the night.

If your fax or fax software has a zero ring setting and you set it that way, no phones will ring. You might get a little chirp but they won't ring.

The other disadvantage as mentioned in the page heading, there is no supervision. In English this means that there is no barge-in protection.

In reality, this installation is fast, easy, and works great if you don’t need barge-in protection and if you don' t care if your other phones ring until the fax (or other device) answers. This is the easiest application for adding a FAX, MODEM, or answering machine on the second number. The obvious drawback is that even if you turn the barge-in switch “ON” on your SR, you can still interrupt a call with your extension phones and the phones will ring with the distinctive ring sound until your fax (or other device) answers the call.


  1. Choose a location with an existing wall jack to add your additional equipment. If you are using a fax in this application, the phone jack would be in the location of your fax machine or fax/modem. Unplug any cord from the wall jack. Connect the “LINE” jack of your SR to the wall jack with the supplied line cord.

  2. Attach your equipment to the proper DEVICE jacks (device 2 if you have two numbers total) on your SR. If you are not using a phone at the same jack as your fax, leave device one empty (don't plug anything into it).

    You can also attach a telephone or answering machine to DEVICE 1 if you want to but you don't have to.