Your SR Call Processor, when properly installed and configured, can link together a variety of telephones and data communication products, including FAX machines, Modems, credit authorization terminals and answering machines.


Proper Installation Is Important!

You probably won’t be able to plug your SR in just anywhere and get the desired results. Please read the following paragraphs to better understand how to install your SR.


To understand the importance of proper installation and placement, think of your SR Call Processor as a telephone “traffic top” that supervises traffic through an intersection. Any telephones and data devices that are attached THROUGH the SR can be allowed to ring, and allowed or denied access to the telephone line.


Just as a traffic top cannot control traffic that does not pass through his intersection, your SR cannot properly control telephones and data devices that are not connected THROUGH the SR. There are three factors to consider when choosing an installation method. They are:


  1. Which phones and data devices require ring supervision?
    Any data device that answers calls (FAX, MODEM, answering machine, etc.) should be connected THROUGH your SR. Phones that may awaken you at night should also be connected through your SR. Certain other phones may be left directly connected to the telephone line if you don't  need barge-in protection.

  2. Do I need barge-in protection?
    If you use a data device (FAX, MODEM, etc), you should place the “BARGE-IN” switch in the “ON” position. For your SR to properly provide barge-in protection, any telephone or other device that could interrupt the call or data transfer must be connected THROUGH the SR. If barge-in protection is not required (for example, in a voice-only application at home), certain phones may be attached directly to the telephone line.

  3. Ease and expense of changing my telephone wiring.
    In most applications, a complete re-wire is not needed. Many homes are wired in a way that allows some “tricks” to make installation easier and less expensive.


Several methods of installation are described in the following pages. Each has advantages and limitations.


If you feel uncomfortable at any point with the installation procedures, we recommend that you contact your dealer for assistance. You may also want to contact your telephone company or an independent installer to assist you with any wiring changes that may be necessary at your site.


For Safety

Your telephone company has probably installed a small box called a lightning arrestor near where the telephone line comes into your

building or home. Both the incoming line and the wire(s) servicing your phones and equipment are attached to this box. Under no

circumstances should you disconnect or alter the wire going from this box toward the telephone company. The only wires and connections you should change are those going from this box toward your equipment.


You will need to apply power to your SR with the supplied AC adaptor. Be sure to pick an installation V location where a grounded 110VAC power outlet is nearby. You will also want to set the switch(es) on your SR for your particular application
(See inside front cover).


Initial Check Out

Please check the box and make sure you have:


If any of these items are missing, please alert the retailer from which you purchased your SR Call Processor and also Multi-Link, Inc. at 1-606-885-6363.


The following installation examples describe the best ways to attach your SR to either a single or multiple line telephone. Each is described with a rating of how the installation handles ring supervision, barge-in protection, and ease/expense of installation!


NOTE: All installations described on the following pages assume that your existing telephones will be rung by your primary number that generates a single ring, and that your data equipment or special phones will be rung by the additional numbers that generate multiple rings. If necessary, after following these instructions, you may need to rearrange the number assignments by rearranging the DEVICE port connections on your SR.