About This Manual

RELAX. This is NOT rocket science.


We are serious about making the finest products on the market. And we are serious about the information you need to make the product function correctly....but we can't get real serious about writing product manuals.


There are enough bad product manuals out there to sink an aircraft carrier. You've probably seen them -the ones that take a degree in Electrical Engineering to figure out, or they are written in every language except English or... they are just plain boring.


Our humor or wit (or lack of either) in the rhetoric of this manual is not put here to lessen any aspect of the product except maybe the painful task of getting through some very dry material.




Something you should know now that you have
purchased our product-


You are the most important person in the world and we at Multi-Link want to THANK YOU for your business. We can't say it enough! At one time in America, business was conducted face to face where a word and a handshake were good enough.


While we seldom get the opportunity to personally meet and thank the people who buy our products, we realize your purchase of The Stick is a vote of confidence and trust in our product and our company. We will not betray this confidence or trust-that is our word and handshake to you.


You are the backbone of our business. The ultimate goal we, as a company, have targeted is your satisfaction. We want you as a customer and a commitment to your complete satisfaction AFTER THE SALE is our pledge.


If at any time you have a problem, comment or question

About The Stick, its operation, functions or features call toll free:


We want to hear from you. And again, THANKS for the opportunity to do business with you.


You are important to us.