Answering Machines

An answering machine is an effective tool when used with The Stick. When connected to either “VOICE” port, the answering machine will field any unanswered voice calls, and via a message, provide instructions on how to access other equipment.

A sample message might go something like this:


Hi! You have reached (Name/Company/Phone Number). We are not in right now, but if you wish to leave a message, wait for the beep.

If you want to send us a FAX, press * 2 (or reprogrammed code). If you can’t dial * 2 on your phone, just stay silent after the beep and wait until the answering machine stops.

You will then be transferred to the FAX automatically. Start transmission when you hear our FAX signal. Thanks and have a nice day!


This message reflects the use of three programmable features-the SAC for the FAX port, Answering Machine Silent Transfer and Silent Transfer Destination. The SAC for transfer to the FAX machine is factory preset at *2 “Answering Machine Silent Transfer” has been programmed “on” and the ‘Silent Transfer Destination” used is factory preset to the “FAX” port.


Retrieving An Answering Machine Message- Most answering machines on the market today have factory preset “retrieval codes” for accessing a message from a remote phone. There is no special feature on The Stick for accessing your answering machine-just call your phone number, let the machine answer the line, and dial your “retrieval code”.


Again, we remind you to program all SAC’s used for voice/data equipment differently from your answering machine “retrieval code”.