Barge-In Protection






Most homes and businesses are wired with either 2-pair or 3-pair telephone cable from extension to extension. This installation splitter/adapters utilizes the unused pair of wires in the cable to connect all phones to the VOICE 1 port.


  1. The point of connection to the telephone line for The Stick can any extension wall jack. Unplug anything connected to this wall jack and plug a splitter/adapter into the wall jack.

  2. Plug one end of the supplied line cord into the port labeled “LINE” on The Stick and the other end in the “Line 1” port of the splitter/adapter.

  3. Connect the “VOICE 1” port of The Stick to the “Line 2” side of the splitter/adapter using an additional line cord (not supplied).

  4. At extension wall jacks located away from The Stick, unplug any phones from these jacks. Plug splitter/adapters in all wall jacks. Reconnect phones to the “Line 2” side of the splitter/adapters.


At any point “down line” from The Stick where it is impractical to insert a splitter/adapter (for example: a wall mount telephone), this type of jack may be converted by:


  1. swapping. the GREEN wire with the BLACK wire
  2. swapping the RED wire with the YELLOW wire
The phone can then be plugged into the converted jack.
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Pros: Cons:  
This one can be real difficult due to the materials required and the point of installation for The Stick. Remember, what we are trying to achieve in this scenario is “Barge-In Protection" all voice calls are routed to all phones and fax and modem calls go to their respective devices-without one being able to access the other.
  1. Find a point on the incoming phone line before all wall jacks or telephone equipment. Sever the phone line.
  2. Install two modular wall jacks on each end of the severed phone line. Make sure you are using the correct pair of wires when connecting the severed phone line to the modular jacks.
  3. Plug one end of the supplied line cord into the port labeled “LINE” on The Stick and the other end into the first modular wall jack. An additional line cord will be needed to connect the port labeled “VOICE 1” to the second modular wall jack.
  4. From this location, additional wiring may need to be run to your fax machine and computer modem (if located in another room).
Feature Recommendations Pertinent To Installation