Computer Modems

The Stick is compatible with all dial-up modems that use a “single pair” RJ-11 line cord to connect to a phone line. We suggest connecting the modem to the port labeled “MODEM” (we bet you’ve already figured that one out!). Most incoming calls to your modem are from remote (off location) computer modems. The Stick will route calls to your computer modem when the calling modem dials the proper SAC after The Stick has answered the call.


The “How To” Of Calling Your Modem- For any person to access your modem through The Stick, they must know your programmed Security Access Code for the “MODEM” port. Dialing your telephone number and SAC is done on the remote computer communications software. It should look something like this (for a HAYES-compatible modem):


ATDT 1606 555 1234,,*3


The commas after the phone number are commands telling the modem to wait two seconds per comma before dialing the SAC ** 3. You should instruct your friends to “time” a call to your residence. Tell them to count the seconds between the last digit dialed and the last ring to the phone before The Stick answers the call (how many rings before The Stick answers). Divide that amount of seconds by two and you have the needed number of commas between the phone number and SAC.


It is safe to repeat the SAC twice in the dialing string like so:


ATDT 1 606 555 1234,,*3,,*3


Note that additional commas will need to be inserted between the SACs at the end of the dialing string. A minimum of 2 seconds between SACs is needed for The Stick to recognize and register the proper sequence of digits and symbols.


Some modems cannot dial the * and # symbols. You may want reprogram a specific code for one time access by an outside caller.


Again, if you have any questions, call our Tech Support line at 1-800-535-4651. Our factory trained technicians can help you out on timing or SACS.