Programming the Stick for applications without voice


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Turn Off FAX Tone Detection for Fax and Modem(s) application


Note: In this application there are no voice calls, only fax and modem(s)


Being the good consumer you are, you’ve read the manual thoroughly (NOT!), penciling in the feature changes on your Programming and Quick Reference Guide. You call your mom (or any local call) and ask her to lay the phone down for a moment while you program this neat new call processor you’ve just purchased. She says OK.


You’ve decided to reprogram the Stick for only Fax and MODEM.


In this application you turn the “FAX Tone Detection” feature off and plug your fax into voice 1 on the back of the Stick. In this application, all calls without a Security Access Code (modem calls) will go tp the fax machine. For instructions about security access codes for modem access see Computer MODEMS in this manual.


  1. Since five seconds has more than elapsed since you initiated the your mom (or your local call), you can enter the programming mode. You dial " # # 7 7” on your touch tone phone connected to the “VOICE 1"' port.

    The Stick Response: Answers with a “PROCEED” tone. The LED is blinking very rapidly. You have 30 seconds to begin the next command.

  2. You turn off the FAX Tone Detection for the fax port to “off” by dialing “010” selects Register 01 (FAX Tone Detection) and 0 is "off".

    The Stick Response: Answers with an “OK” tone, then a “PROCEED” tone. You have 30 seconds to begin the next command.

  3. You have finished programming the desired feature changes and wish  to save them to nonvolatile memory and exit the programming mode.  You dial “80”.

    The Stick Response: Answers with the “OK” tone twice. The LED returns to normal blinking which demonstrates that your touch tone phone connected to the “VOICE 1" port is off-hook.


Check and see if your mom is on the other end of the line. If not, hang up the phone.


NOTE: If The Stick does not receive a command within 30 seconds, it will give you an “OK” tone and exit the programming mode without saving any programming. Basically it is acting as if you have dialed "90".
(See section titled Programming Commands.)


For more information about programming the Stick see Overview of Programming in this manual.