Introduction and Explanation

Congratulations! You have purchased the highest quality voice/fax/modem call processor in the industry-The Stick! This manual has been designed to get you, your communications devices and The Stick operating on the phone line with a minimal

amount of work.


Please read this manual carefully and BE SURE TO FILL OUT AND MAIL YOUR WARRANTY CARD!


How The Stick Works

When installed on a phone line, The Stick automatically answers

all inbound calls and "screens" for fax tones (CNG-CalliNG) tones) and Security Access Codes (in the form of DTMF/touch tones).


While performing the "screening" function for both types of tones The Stick is transmitting phone company-simulated "ringback" tones to the calling party. After the screening function is performed, the call is routed to the proper device.


The Stick's performance is dependent on how it is installed on a

home or business phone line and what programmable features are activated. The next section explains the different features which optimize performance in particular installations.