Key System or PBX






Installation of The Stick on a multi-line phone system should always occur at the “Trunk” side. “Trunk” is telephone nerd-speak for the side closest to the telephone company where incoming lines connect to the phone system. Confused... just look at the picture.


We recommend that if you have rollover from your phone company, install The Stick on the last line of the rollover sequence.


  1. Unplug the chosen line from your KSU or PBX. A modular wall jack will need to be installed on that line close to the KSU or PBX if the plug is not RJ-11 modular. If the plug is RJ-11 modular, then it can be plugged directly into the “LINE” port of The Stick.

  2. If a modular wall jack is installed, plug one end of the supplied line cord into the modular wall jack and plug the other end into the port labeled “LINE”. An additional line cord will be needed for connection from the “VOICE 1” port to the KSU/PBX. From this point phone wire is run to the fax machine and modem.


Feature Recommendations Pertinent To This Installation