Other Stuff That Works

The Stick can operate on virtually all multi-line Key and PBX phone systems. We do recommend a specific type of installation for The Stick on either system. Refer to the section on Installation.


The Stick is also compatible with virtually all Credit Card Authorization Terminals, Point of Sale Terminals, Loop-Start dial-up TELEX machines, dictation machines, Answering Machines, cordless telephones, CALLER ID Display equipment- anything that requires a phone line to communicate.


If you have a CALLER ID Display device, we do recommend that it be installed on the telephone line BEFORE The Stick and the “Rings To Answer” feature be set for 2 or more rings. The data transmitted by the local telco, which identifies the calling party’s phone number, arrives between the first and second ring so it should register on the display device without a problem.


Services Offered by Your Local Telco- Most telephone companies are now marketing “Call Packages” that allow subscribers to customize their phone service in a multitude of ways. Most of the different services available are compatible with The Stick, but some may impede performance. Here are a few: