Programming The Stick

The average consumer usually starts to freak when they open up any product manual and see the word "PROGRAMMING". We have all experienced "programming" anxiety with VCR's, computers, fax machines. . ...whatever. Relax. This is relatively painless. All you have to do is understand each programmable feature and how you want The Stick to operate in your chosen installation.


On the next page is the Programming and Quick Reference Guide. This table was developed as an easy reference/record for program features with corresponding Register Number, programming range of each feature, the factory preset of each feature (how The Stick works "out of the box" if you don't bother to program anything), program recommendations for certain types of installations and finally, a space for writing down what you've done (or what you want The Stick to do).


Please use the Programming and Quick Reference Guide. Mark on it. Highlight it. If you can't remember which Register Number controls which feature. . . .refer back to it. And take a tip from us, pencil in how you have programmed all the features. It will save you some time and frustration.


We advise you to read through the Programmable Features section again if you are not quite sure of how you want The Stick to operate.