Two Line System






The standard RJ-14 two-line phone system utilizes “two pair” phone line. To install The Stick in this scenario, you will have to access the pair that controls the chosen phone line and install modular wall jacks for connection to the line.


This can get really involved. Standard color pairings for telephone wiring are Red with Green, Black with Yellow and Blue with White. To physically see what pairs coincide with each phone number, you may need to chase the wiring back to the “demarcation” point (where telco wiring ends and residence wiring begins). Before you undertake such a sincere and monumental task, consider this . . .


This wiring scheme has been the Waterloo of many an armchair telephone dude (or dudette). Either you or the wiring is going to win and odds are not in your favor. We strongly recommend- no, we beg of you- call a telephone installer for this one. Show your installer the picture on page 26 of the hard cover manual and/or ask him if he’s got a better idea. He might.


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