Online Manual
       The Stick Manual
       About This Manual
Safety Instructions
How The Stick Works
       Introduction and Explanation
       Programmable Features
       Standard Features
The "How To" of Programming
       Programming The Stick
       Tones / Programming Commands
       Initial Check
       Overview of Programming
       Audible "Read Back" of Programming
Pointers for hook-up of voice/data equipment
       Voice / Data Equipment
       FAX / PC Fax Cards
       Answering Machines
       Computer Modems
       DSL and ADSL
       Caller ID
       Other Stuff That Works
       On Single Phone Line
       Simple Plug_In
       Simple Plug-In with Extensions
       Simple Plug-In with Adaptors
       "Barge-In Protection" for Plug-In with Extensions
       On Multiple Phone Line System
       Key System or PBX
       RJ-14 Two Line System
Mounting The Stick
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Specifications
       FCC Registration
       Doc Registration
Limited Warranty
       Warranty Information
       Service Information
How to Buy