Simple Plug-in Installation with Extension Phones

Installation with Adapters

(only for use in homes where only one line is used, and each jack has four wires attached)


Ring Supervision:


Barge-in Protection:


Install, Ease/Expense

Easy / Good


Materials Needed: 1 two-line splitter for each existing wall jack, 1 line cord.


Installation with Adaptors


If your home or business has 4 or 6-wire cable to each wall jack, you can make your installation look electronically like installation B by using special 2-line (to 1-line) splitter adapters*. The adapters will utilize an unused pair of wires in your home to connect your telephones.


1.      Choose a location where there is an existing wall jack and where one phone and/or an answering machine, your fax, and your modem will be connected to the incoming line jack. You will install your Stick (LINE SHARING DEVICE) at this location.

2.      Unplug anything connected to this wall jack and plug the 2-line adapter* into the wall jack.

3.      (READ CAREFULLY) Connect the “LINE” jack of your LINE SHARING DEVICE to the “LINE 1” side of the 2-line adapter with the supplied line cord.

4.      Connect the “Voice 1” jack of your LINE SHARING DEVICE to the phone and/or answering machine you want to connect to the DEVICE.

5.      Connect the “Voice 2” jack of your LINE SHARING DEVICE to the “LINE 2”side of the 2- line adapter with a line cord.

6.      Connect your fax or fax modem to the "FAX" (DEVICE 2) jack on your LINE SHARING DEVICE. This device will be rung only by fax calls.


7.      Connect your data device or modem to the "MODEM" (DEVICE 3) jack on your LINE SHARING DEVICE. This device or phones will be rung by DTMF (touch tones) by putting your phone number in the sending modem plus 2 or 3 commas plus your security access code. Example: 1-555-1212,,,*3 in the sending modem software.

8.      For each wall jack in your home, disconnect anything plugged into it. Insert a 2-line adapter and re-connect the cord to the ,“LINE 2” side of the adapter.


     If it is impractical to insert a 2-line adapter (for example, with a wall-mount telephone), convert this jack by:

a.      Swapping the GREEN wire with the BLACK wire

b.      Swapping the RED wire with the YELLOW wire

Then plug the phone back into the converted jack.


* Refer to Recommended Parts and Materials Section


Recommended Parts & Materials

Many electronics supply houses carry most of the parts and materials you may need to modify your site wiring for installation of your Call Processors. One of the most convenient of these is Radio Shack. Below is a list of materials, which are recommended in the event that you need to modify your wiring.



Radio Shack Part #

Modular Surface Mount Wall Jack


4 Conductor Station Wire


Line Cord




1 Line “Y” Adapter (Duplex Jack)


2 Line Splitter (3 Way Jack)



*These products look similar, but are not interchangeable!