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PolNet Produces Savings!

Stop wasting money! PolNet ACP 2.01 allows multiple devices to share one phone line, thus eliminating the cost of the extra phone lines.

Additionally, PolNet's multi-polling feature will access more than one device during a single call.

You'll save valuable dial-up and access time.

Obviously, incorporating PolNet 2.01 into your information network can have a dramatic positive umpact on your budget!

Evaluate your system considering the cost to operate without PolNet. The chart below outlines the expense of two extra dedicated lines in each of 50 locations.

Monthly Line Charge
Two Extra Lines
Yearly Line
1 Year
3 Years
5 Years
$20 X 2 = $40
$480 $24,000 $72,000 $120,000
$40 X 2 = $40
$960 $48,000 $144,000 $240,000
$60 X 2 = $40
$1,440 $72,000 $216,000 $360,000


PolNet 2.01 Offers Protection!
Don't take chances with your network! PolNet helps protect valuable equipment and information from transient voltage surges often carried over phone lines*.

PolNet 2.01 Secures Information!
Protect your network information! User-determined security access codes for device ports keep your information safe from unwanted callers or system hackers. Up to seven characters long, your access codes become virtually unbreakable.

How the PolNet ACP 2.01 Works:
When installed, the ACP automatically answers the line and determines where each call should be routed. "Data Polling" calls that produce the proper security access code (DTMF tones) get routed to the assigned modem or device for each code. The ACP also detects CNG tones for automatic routing to fax equipment. In the absence of tones, the ACP routes calls to phone or phone system.

Polnet Applications

  • Out‐of‐Band Network Access
  • Telephony Firewall
  • Utility Meter Reading
  • Remote Site Management
  • HVAC Control Monitoring
  • Substation Communications
  • Point‐of‐Sale System Integration
  • Modem Polling
  • Fuel Tank Monitoring
  • Service Port Access
  • SCADA Interrogation
  • 1st Line Network Support

Standard PolNet Series 2.01 © Features

Three Models:
Available in 3, 5, and 9 port models*

Polnet ACP 2.01 Hacker ProofHACKER SHIELD PROTECTION. Programmable Security Access Codes, up to 7 digits per port, protects connected devices from unauthorized access for a robust telephony firewall.
Caller-ID CompatibleCaller ID “Store & Forward”
CID is sent to device on first ring.
Multiple Line Seizure PortsMultiple Line Seizure Ports
Up to four device ports can now be designated for emergency line seizure for critical applications.
Fully Programmable:
Program all features via telephone keypad.

Remote Diagnostics and Programming:
Reprogram and troubleshoot a remote ACP over the phone line.

Data Disruption Protection:
PolNet protects data transmissions from "barge-in" from other devices.

Simplified InstallationSimplified Installation
All line‐in and device jacks are RJ11.
No additional connectors are required
LED Status DsiplayLED Status Display
Seven segment display shows port in use & programming value read‐back. Audible read‐back tones are also provided for remote programming.
Emergency Barge-In:
Grab the line during an emergency.

Manual Transfer Capability:
Transfer a call to any device port during a call.

Fax Tone Detection:
Automatic routing to fax machines or fax modem.

Protected Hook Flash:
PolNet is compatible with phone systems that do not generate DTMF tones during inbound calls.

Non-Volatile Memory:
Programming preserved in the event of power outage.

Multi-Port Polling:
Access multiple devices during a single call.

Two Year Warranty:
Full warranty on parts and labor.

For Your Information
1.4" tall., Length 9.5", Width 6.3", Height 1.4"
A full 2-year warranty on parts and labor, which may be extended for a fee determined by order quanity.
Package Contents:
PolNet © ACP (3, 5 or 9 port model). 3-pin grounded power adapter, phone cord, instruction manual.

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Manufactured by Multi-Link ©, Inc.

The Polnet 2.01 ® ACP is made in the USA.

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A Word About Cost...
When considering PolNet Series 2.01 © ACP's for use in your remote location, it may be wise to first consider the cost of operating with out them.below is a chart outlining the cost of adding two dedicated data phone lines per remote location in a 100-unit retail chain. The cost savings have been extended from one to three and five years.

# of lines $ per line Monthly $ per Location Yearly $ per Location Yearly $ per 100 Locations 3 Year $ per 100 Locations 5 Year $ per 100 Locations
2 $ 30 $ 60 $ 720 $ 72,000 $ 216,000 $ 360,000
2 $ 40 $ 80 $ 960 $ 96,000 $ 288,000 $ 480,000
2 $ 50 $ 100 $ 1200 $ 120,000 $ 360,000 $ 600,000
2 $ 60 $ 120 $ 1440 $ 144,000 $ 432,000 $ 720,000
2 $ 70 $ 140 $ 1680 $ 168,000 $ 504,000 $ 840,000
2 $ 80 $ 160 $ 1920 $ 192,000 $ 576,000 $ 960,000

With Pol-net 2.01, you can reduce fixed costs by these amounts thus put this amount toward your bottom line. It makes sense to use Polnet. Order online today or email rhiggins@faxswitch.com with you questions. We look forward to serving you.

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