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Multi-Link Introduces The TeleVoIP StickTM

Overcomes VoIP Residential Market Barriers and Provides E911 Access

April 27th, 2005 – In response to the barriers facing VoIP adoption by consumers and recent comments from FCC Chairman Kevin Martin concerning 911 access, Multi-Link, Incorporated today announced that it is providing its patent pending “TeleVoIP StickTM ” to all VoIP providers for testing immediately. 

As a rapidly growing communication option, VoIP must overcome several perceived barriers in order to gain broader national consumer acceptance.  In response to those barriers, Multi-Link, Inc. designed the TeleVoIP Stick, which is a transparent communication system that allows for VoIP compatibility with the existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). 

“There are three major barriers to VoIP adoption by the consumer: resistance to change, loss of service, and E911 incompatibility,” said Ron Sladon, President of Multi-Link.  “The TeleVoIP Stick overcomes each of these barriers and empowers the user with new levels of convenience, choice and control in everyday communications.”

The TeleVoIP Stick was unveiled recently at the CES Innovations Plus show on January 6th, 2005.  “The TeleVoIP Stick was designed to enable the transparent blending of the everyday phone experience with an Internet voice application,” stated Sladon.

The TeleVoIP Stick enables all home phones to operate as traditional analog phones or VoIP phones transparently.  During power failures or broadband service disruptions, the TeleVoIP Stick automatically directs all outbound calls to the PSTN line, allowing for seamless communication service.

One of the most critical features of The TeleVoIP Stick is its ability to automatically route E911 calls through the traditional PSTN line.  This unique Patent Pending feature eliminates the concern for E911 calls made by VoIP consumers.

Unlike other telecom technology advances that require the user to purchase new phone equipment, The TeleVoIP Stick allows the user to keep and use their existing standard home phone equipment and, more importantly, their calling habits remain the same.  “The TeleVoIP Stick was designed with enough power to drive six or more solid state telephones,” stated George Hart, Multi-Link’s Director of Technical Services. 

Multi-Link Incorporated is a fully integrated, USA based manufacturing operation dedicated to the development and marketing of high quality telecommunications and telephony devices for a variety of commercial, small office, and home applications. With over 16 years of experience, the company has earned a reputation as a manufacturing leader.  Hundreds of companies, from SOHO to Fortune 500, have reduced their monthly phone bills and associated costs by using Multi-Link products.

This product should be avaliable to the public in July 2005. After that, The The TeleVoIP Stick will be avaliable online at http://faxswitch.com or toll free by phone at 1-866-337-0734.

Additional questions please contact Rob Higgins or visit our website at: http://faxswitch.com

Higgins International and Multi-Link are USA Companies.
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