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Multi-Link Meets With FCC

Requests Commission to Review PSTN Connection for E911


Nicholasville, KY – May 16th, 2005 – In anticipation of proposed requirements by the Federal Communications Commission for Internet based phone service providers to provide E911 services, Multi-Link President Ron Sladon has filed a letter with the FCC and held a series of meetings with high level Commission officials detailing Multi-Link’s plans to offer a product that allows VoIP service providers to comply with the new rules. 

The ex parte communication by Multi-Link, Inc. was filed May 4th and meetings were held with the four FCC commissioners’ legal advisers and Commission staff members on Tuesday, May 10th.

During the meetings, Multi-Link discussed its TeleVoIP StickTM, which seamlessly integrates VoIP service with the existing Public Switched Telephone Network (“PSTN”).  Multi-Link focused on the TeleVoIP Stick’s ability to automatically route all 911 calls through the PSTN line, ensuring that users of any underlying VoIP service would be able to obtain emergency service.   

Specifically, Multi-Link requested that the commission specify that where VoIP service is provided to a residence using equipment designed to automatically route all 911 calls through an existing PSTN connection – such as the TeleVoIP Stick – the use of such equipment would satisfy any 911 or E911 requirement that may be imposed on fixed users of VoIP services.  In this manner, the Commission would safeguard the public while ensuring that qualified VoIP providers are able to offer innovative, competitive services without incurring the expense of additional regulatory burdens.

“I applaud Chairman Martin’s aggressive response to the E911 crisis facing VoIP consumers and the industry,” stated Sladon.  “The PSTN connection is a tried and true method of delivering E911 calls and should be made available to all VoIP consumers.”  The proposed rules will be considered  by the FCC commissioners at the next meeting on May 19.

The TeleVoIP Stick was unveiled recently at the CES Innovations Plus show on January 6th, 2005.  The TeleVoIP Stick enables all home phones to operate as traditional analog phones or VoIP phones transparently.  During power failures or broadband service disruptions, the TeleVoIP Stick automatically directs all outbound calls to the PSTN line, ensuring reliable communication service in emergency situations.

Multi-Link, Incorporated is a fully integrated, Kentucky based manufacturing operation dedicated to the development and marketing of high quality telecommunications and telephony devices for a variety of commercial, small office, and home applications. With over 16 years of experience, the company has earned a reputation as a manufacturing leader.  Hundreds of companies, from SOHO to Fortune 500, have reduced their monthly phone bills and associated costs by using Multi-Link products.

This product should be avaliable to the public in July 2005. After that, The The TeleVoIP Stick will be avaliable online at http://faxswitch.com or toll free by phone at 1-866-337-0734.

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