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The Fax Stick Automatic Call Processor

The Fax Stick
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The Stick Lock Box
- Adds Security to Your Stick

Small Office / Home Office
Fax Machine
Point of Sale Polling
Check Readers
Credit Card Readers
Computer Modems

1 Stick
1 AC Adapter
1 7ft. Telephone Line Cord
1 Bilingual Manual (French/English)
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The Stick is about saving your hard earned cash. That is what it is what it's all about, especially if you operate a business.

Dedicated data phone lines, used just minutes a day, are not exactly a cost effective method of communicating.

The Stick is an automatic call processor (fax switch) that accurately screens and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time. Hook up to three telephony devices plus an answering machine on single line.

The Fax Stick screens each call for CNG fax tones, pulse, and touch tones and then routes the call to the appropriate equipment, leaving other phones/devices undisturbed. The Stick requires no additional phone compnay features or expenses.

100% Reliability and Dependability plus remote diagnostics and programming is why it has been the industry leader for almost 20 years.

Eliminating dedicated fax lines and incorporating the line sharing technology of The Stick adds up to giant savings.

Save Money   Line-Sharing
No Misdirected Calls   Automatic Fax Detection
Caller ID Compatible   Barge-In Protection
Compatible With Most Phone Systems   Manual Transfer Capabilities
Convenience   Call Override
1-800 Tech. Support   Programmable Security Codes
Telephone Company Quality Ring-Back   Remote Diagnostics and Programming

1 Year Warranty
110 - 125 VAC, 50-60 Hz
12 - 14 VAC or VDC at Power Jack
6.2 Watts
REN 0.5B
230V Version Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Stick is designed and assembled in the USA.

Do you have 2 lines or two line phones?
Check out the Stick II.

The Stick is like an invisible secretary.

How much is the Fax Stick worth to you?

What's it worth to your BOTTOM LINE to eliminate 1 phone line?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 240.00 $ 720.00 $ 1200.00 $ 2400.00
$ 30.00 $ 360.00 $ 1080.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3600.00
$ 40.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 50.00 $ 600.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3000.00 $ 6000.00
$ 60.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00

What if you get rid of two phone lines?
What's eliminating 2 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 30.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00
$ 40.00 $ 960.00 $ 2880.00 $ 4800.00 $ 9600.00
$ 50.00 $ 1200.00 $ 3600.00 $ 6000.00 $ 12000.00
$ 60.00 $ 1440.00 $ 4320.00 $ 7200.00 $ 14400.00

Your Price only Delivered*

We take all major credit cards

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