"Stick" It On Your Fax,

"Stick" It On Your Modem/Fax Card,

"Stick" It On Your Phone Line........................

And STICK The SAVINGS In Your Pocket!

Saving your hard earned cash is what it's all about. Especially if you operate a business. And when it comes to using a fax machine, PC fax card and modem in your business or home office, the savings haven"t always been there. Dedicated data phone lines, used just minutes a day, are not exactly a "cost effective" method of communicating.

Here's an option you will be interested in. Introducing The Stick ©. The highest quality Voice/Fax/Modem Call Processor on the retail market today.

Perfect for the Home Office

The Stick © automatically screens and routes all voice, fax and modem calls to the right equipment - every time. No professional rewiring required for use in single line homes or businesses. Just plug it in to any telephone outlet, connect selected voice/data equipment and your communicating - all on a single phone line!

Guaranteed Compatible With Large Business Phone Systems Too!

The Stick © is compatible with virtually all multi-line KSU and PBX systems. When installed on the last incoming line before a PBX or KSU, The Stick © will route fax and modem calls directly to those devices and voice calls through to the phone system. For the "do-it-yourselfer", easy to read installation procedures are outlined in the operation manual.

Features, Features, Features!