Walljack Wiring

To connect the ACP to the phone line, a RJ-31X modular walljack will need to be installed on to the existing telephone wiring in front of all telephone/data equipment.


The installation of the RJ-31X will be identical to the standard alarm system reporting application. The following diagram denotes the proper wiring of telephone cable to the RJ-31X walljack:






The "Tip" and "Ring" labeling is important when attaching wire pairs to the numbered pins. There should be no deviation from the diagram on this page. Any deviation would result in reverse polarity problems for the phone system and data equipment used on the ACP. The "shorting bars" in the RJ-31 X walljack allow for continuation of voice service to the phone system when the 8-wire line cord is unplugged. If the line cord is unplugged from the ACP and still left attached to the walljack, calls will not get through to the phone system.