Thank you for purchasing the true two-line call processor, The Stick II! This is an amazing product and we want you to be able to understand and use all of its unique features. Weve tried to create a manual that is both detailed and easy to reference.


What is The Stick II?

The Stick II is a true two-line call processor. It automatically routes all inbound

voice, fax and modem calls to the appropriate device every time. The Stick II can even

process calls from both lines simultaneously! It allows users to share fax machines,

phones, credit card authorization machines and other data devices between two phone

lines for both inbound and outbound calls.

See Section 4 to understand the amazing programmability of The Stick II. You can

program The Stick II to fit your particular situation.


How does The Stick II work?

When installed on two phone lines, The Stick II automatically answers all inbound

calls and "screens" for fax tones (CNG-CalliNG tones) and Security Access Codes (in

the form of DTMF/touch tones). In the micro-seconds it takes to "screen" the call, The

Stick II transmits phone company-simulated "ring-back" (tones) to the calling party.


After the screening function is performed, the call is routed to the proper device.

The Stick IIs performance is dependent on how it is installed on a home or business phone line and what programmable features are activated. You might want to review Section 4.1, Standard Features, to learn how to install your Stick II with complete barge in protection.




The Stick II can operate on virtually all multi-line Key and PBX phone systems. We

recommend a specific type of installation for The Stick II on either system. Refer to

Section 2.4.


The Stick II is also compatible with virtually all fax machines, modems, Credit Card Authorization Terminals, Point of Sale Terminals, Loop-Start dial-up TELEX machines, dictation machines, answering machines, cordless telephones and caller ID display equipment-anything that requires a phone line to communicate.