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You're here, and you need to power up or reboot equipment elsewhere. A BIG problem? Not any more...

The Power Stone is a call-activated AC power controller that reboots and powers up / down off-site equipment and other devices by phone. Connect The Power Stone to equipment and a phone line to gain total control anywhere you can place a phone call. With a variety of operating modes, The Power Stone has the flexibility to handle virtually any remote power application.

The Power Stone can save you fortunes! How? Consider the cost (or lost opportunity) if you were unable to retrieve critical information from a remote system. Think about the time, effort and expense to travel to a remote location for a simple reboot or to check power status. With The Power Stone you won't miss opportunities or waste resources.

*Manual control and programming requires a touch tone phone.

  • Determine if a Power Outage has Occurred
  • Determine if Power is Currently being Applied
  • Reboot / Power Down off-site Systems
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Site Visits
  • Reduce Power Consumption by Leaving Equipment "OFF" Until Needed
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"Great for anybody who's responsible for equipment 24/7, and doesn't like the idea of driving 50 miles at 3:00 AM to press CTRL-ALT-DELETE on a locked-up machine."The Power Stone

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