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Fax Switches are really "Line Sharing Technology."

Fax Switches are usually associated with the small business with a single line phone system but there are line-sharing devices for 2 line business phones too. You might be surprised to find that most of the largest corporations in the world today are using "line sharing technology" to save money on their phone bills and have been doing so for many years.

What is the best phone system for small businesses is really an impossible question because every business is different but one thing that all businesses seem to have in common is phone bills. Some businesses have many phone lines and their bill are higher. Others may only have one line and their bills would be lower. But almost all businesses would agree that the phone bills are too high and that they would like to reduce them.

Business phone equipment is often touted as “Business Phone Solutions” because where one business phone system might be perfect for my business; it might be totally inappropriate for yours. Every business has different communication needs but most would benefit from lowering the cost of communicating.

Often businesses may require a variety of phone or computer connected equipment. A call router might save one business time and money while another might benefit more from distinctive ring answering machines or a maybe only a distinctive ring fax, where the “Distinctive Ring” service from the local phone company performs the same job as the router would in another system. Even the smallest business usually needs a fax machine but doesn't need the extra cost of a phone line.

Fax and phone line sharing is becoming more and more common. Since nearly every computer comes equipped with a fax modem and fax software, practically everyone who owns a computer has the ability to send and receive fax messages. The age old problem has always been that in order to send or receive a fax, it is usually necessary to subscribe to a separate “fax” line, which of course costs money every month. No one likes to pay more for their phone service than they have to. This is why fax and phones automatically sharing the same line is so popular. If you use one of the higher quality fax data switches, you won’t need any fax lines and your customers won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Business fax lines cost about $50 a month on average so considering using fax modem switches in your business makes a lot of sense. Fax phone switches have many different names such as Fax Sticks, Line Sharing Equipment or Line Sharing Devices but generically they are usually referred to as a “Fax Switch.” Even though this type of equipment today is used for sharing modems only or with multi line business phones using distinctive ring to route calls only to voice phones, they are still called "Fax Switches" because this is what they were originally used for when they were invented almost 20 years ago and the name lives on. "Line Sharing Technology" and "Fax Switches" are really the same thing.

Multi Link is the leading manufacturer of phone line sharing devices and automatic fax switches. Virtually any home or office phone equipment can use phone line sharing to better manage incoming and outgoing calls especially if the telecommunication equipment is either for fax or modem transmission.

Multi-link’s Stick is one of the most dependable Phone Line Sharing Switch Devices on the market today. It transparently shares up to three Telecommunication Devices plus an answering machine on a single line. It works great with all telecommunication products and telecommunication services except for call forwarding and phone company voice mail. As long as you don’t need to use either of these services, the Stick would be a great telecommunication solution for most small businesses.

Telecommunication switches can reduce the costs of operating almost any telecommunication system. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, lower monthly phone expenses could free up money for other projects.

Many telecommunication tools such as polling and remote data collection often benefit when telephony devices and other telephony equipment can share existing phone line, since there is no additional costs associated with dedicating a line to that particular equipment. Telephony solutions like voice fax modem switches can be added to almost any telephony systems to add efficiency and to reduce the need for so many phone lines.

Voice fax switches and telephone line sharing are worth looking into if you haven’t already done so. It is a wise investment to spend a couple hundred dollars or less on an automatic phone line sharing device. For each line you save, you pocket approximately six hundred a year depending on you local phone company.

The time for line sharing has come. Why keep paying the phone company when you no longer have to?
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