The Power Stone®
Remote AC Power Controller

Reset/Reboot Equipment with any Touch Tone Telephone

The Power Stone ® is made in the USA.

The Power Stone from Multi-Link, Inc. - Reset/Reboot Equipment with any Touch Tone Telephone

Saves Money - The Power Stone pays for itself with one saved service visit
Reduces Downtime - One phone call can correct problem equipment in minutes
Protects Equipment - Leave equipment "off" until needed.
Saves Energy - Reduces power consumption
Protects Data - Reduces hacker exposure
Application Flexibility — Automatic and Manual operations for versatility in a variety of applications

DSL Modems
Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
Internet Kiosks
Leased Telephone Systems
Network Equipment
Digital Video Recorders
Voicemail Systems
Equipment Under Service Warranty
Out-of-Band Network Management
PC Lock-ups
Network Systems
Sales Terminals
Monitoring Systems
Phone Systems
Terminal Adapters
Channel Banks
Home Security
Power Status


Product Overview
Control electrical power on remote site
equipment by phone with The Power
Stone® from Multi-Link, Inc.

How does the The Power Stone work?
The Power Stone passively monitors the phone line and does not actively "interface" with any equipment connected to the phone line.

The feature-rich power controller offers you a wide variety of operating modes to fit your specific application.

Control power to connected equipment "Automatically" using one of three Automatic Operating Modes. Or control power "Passively" until you call in and input your security access code to direct functions using touch tone commands.

Ask our technicians
Our staff of technicians is available to answer any questions you may have about programming orinstallation. We can even test and program your unit over the phone! We are available before and after the sale to ensure your satisfaction and optimal performance for your application.

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Product Overview
The Power Stone is a phone call-activated AC power controller used to reboot and power up/down remote equipment.

Connect The Power Stone to on-site equipment and a phone line to gain complete power control anywhere you can place a phone call. The Power Stone does not require a dedicated phone line to operate. It easily installs on an existing line.

The Power Stone is the tool of choice for equipment support applications. There is no longer a need to send a repairman to a remote site when equipment requires littlemore than a power reset.

With a variety of operating modes, The Power Stone has the flexibility to handle virtually any remote power application. A user-defined security code provides customized protection for your application.

The Power Stone can turn on power to idle equipment as the situation demands. Data collection and telemetry equipment can remain off during idle time. Leaving equipment turned off until power is needed reduces electricity consumption and equipment wear.

Save time, travel and maintenance costs by eliminating service calls. Technicians can check current power, or if there has been a past power outage, from any telephone.

Application Flexibility
The Power Stone has the flexibility to tackle the most demanding remote applications.

Select from Automatic or Manual operations.

Automatic Operation
The Power Stone will control power automatically upon detecting the rings from an inbound call. Choose "Rings-to-trip" or "Constant on/off' settings:
• Power on Call - The Power Stone supplies power during the call, then powers down two minutes after the call terminates.
• Reboot - Detecting a call, The Power Stone interrupts power for 15 seconds, then supplies power again.
• Toggle - With each incoming call, The Power Stone supplies or cuts power to the connected device.
• Constant Mode - The Power Stone ignores call activity, and stays "constant on" or "constant off' until you manually change operation.

Manual Operation
Call in to The Power Stone from any touch tone phone to manually control power or change automatic settings. Pass code protected.


Control and program via touch tones. No software or drivers to install.

The Power Stone is automatically activated by an inbound call and executes user defined power command.

Use a "Distinctive Ring" number as the only means to "trip" The Power Stone's operation is a great way to power up your PC.

One touch for uninterrupted power.

There is a touchtone command that will perform the same fúnction as pressing
the OVERRIDE button.

Tackles the most demanding power applications.

Status Register will tell you if a power failure has occurred since the last reading of this register.


User defined access codes provide security and control.

Preserves programming in power outage.

No need for dedicated phone line.


Our tech support team is available toll-free to program The Power Stone over the phone.


The Power Stone can save you a fortune! How?
Consider the cost (or lost opportunity) if you were unable to retrieve critical information from a remote system. Think about the time, effort and expense to travel to a remote location for a simple reboot or to check power status. With The Power Stone you won't miss opportunities or waste resources.

Common Uses

  • Determine if a Power Outage has Occurred
  • Determine if Power is Currently being Applied
  • Reboot / Power Down off-site Systems
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Site Visits
  • Reduce Power Consumption by Leaving Equipment "OFF" Until Needed
Download Manual: Power Stone Zip (807k) Download Zip File
Download Manual: Power Stone PDF(980k) Download PDF



Model Number: PST59102

Power: 120 VAC plug in (60 Hz)

Switching Contact: 120/12 VAC 15A with reset breaker 1800W, 600W incandescent.

Interrupt Modes: Automatic on ring detection. Manual pick up with security code.

Switching Auto: Reboot (15 sec off, then on) Toggle (on or off) Power on call then off after hang up + 2 min.

Physical: 3.4" W x 1.8" D x 6" H, 1 lb

Switching Manual: Key Pad 4 or 6 digit security code command (on/off)

Manual Override: Push button (on/normal operation)

Power and Relay Status: LED; Remote audible readback

Ringer Equivalence: 1.1 B

Interface: RJ-11

UL Listed 9NO6 Appliance Control (US and Canada)

Warranty: 1 year limited

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THE Power Stone ® is a registered trademark of Multi-Link, Inc.


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