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TeleVoIP Phone FAQ

Question: Do I have to adjust sound IN and OUTPUT levels?

Question: Does Multi-Link provide VoIP service?

Question: How and where do I mount the handset?


Question: Do I have to adjust sound IN and OUTPUT levels?
Yes, you need to adjust your mic-in volume. As the Noise cancelling microphone is very sensitive, we achieved excellent results with most sound cards by setting the mic-in level to only about 60%. However, most Internet Telephony applications today come with their own Volume Set-up Wizard, so just follow the indications on the screen. Speaker output level of the sound card can be left at MAX, because you have a volume control on the Handset.

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Question: Does Multi-Link provide VoIP service ?
Answer: No. Our TeleVoIP Phone system works with the client software from the user’s VoIP service provider.

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Question: How and where do I mount the handset?
Answer: If the front-panel of your monitor is wide enough, we suggest attaching the handset holder on the left front-panel of your monitor. If the front-panel is too narrow you may attach the holder on the side of your monitor.

The cable clamp should be attached on the side towards the top of your monitor to hold the spiral cord conveniently out of your way.

IMPORTANT: Before attaching the holder, clean the mounting area with soap and water, (do NOT use any solvent) and let it dry. Pull off the foil from the adhesive tape and press the holder firmly against the mounting surface. Wait a few hours before hanging up the handset for maximum adhesion.

Flat-Screen: If you have a Flat-Screen, or if you don’t want to attach the handset to the monitor, you can simply place the handset on the desk, and the switch will function perfectly. The handset is designed in such a way, that you do not need a base!

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