Functions/ Operations Check


After installing the ACP on the phone line, it is wise to make a "functions check" of the unit and the phone system wiring.


To check the phone system wiring:


1.       Check all telephones for dial tone. If none is present, unplug the 8-wire line cord (which connects the ACP to the phone line) from the RJ-31X walljack. If dial tone is returned to the phones after unplugging the line cord, check the line cord connection at the LINE/DEVICE 1" port of the ACP 3/5. Reconnect the line cord to the RJ-31X walljack. Dial tone should be returned to the phone system.

2.       If dial tone is present but you cannot dial out on the line, the phone line polarity may need to be reversed. This can be done by switching the "tip and ring" wires on the incoming line at the RJ- 31X walljack.

3.       After connecting the specified data equipment to the device ports at the rear of the ACP (DEVICE 2/DEVICE 3 for the ACP 3-DEVICE 2/DEVICE 3/DEVICE 4/DEVICE 5 for the ACP 5), the unit should be tested for call routing capability. This can be done by contacting the central office or location that will be polling such equipment and give them the location phone number and device selection codes (if known).


TO THE INSTALLER: If the ACP 3 or 5 fails to operate at any time after installation please contact the location supervisor or corporate MIS Manager.