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The Stick Automatic Call Processor
    Made in USA

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The Stick Lock Box
- Adds Security to Your Stick

Small Office / Home Office
Fax Machine
Point of Sale Polling
Check Readers
Credit Card Readers
Computer Modems

1 Stick
1 AC Adapter
1 7ft. Telephone Line Cord
1 Bilingual Manual (French/English)
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Made in USA

What do all these devices have in common?

Phone Devices that connect to a single phone line.

They all use the some phone line!

Four to One odds your company is going to save BIG!
Eliminate needless telephone lines... get THE STICK!

In these difficult economic times, small, medium and large businesses are faced with decreasing budgets while looking for a way to continue offering their unigue products and services to the marketplace. Overhead, the constant competitor of profitability requires companies to make cost cutting their top priority.

Multi‑Link, Inc. has provided cost‑saving solutions for thousands of businesses for over 22 years.

THE STICK, our most popular product, allows a wide range of phone equipment to share a single telephone line for remote access to:

  • Out-of-Band Access
  • Broadband and Server Back Up
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Server Maintenance and Montioring
  • Machine to Machine Data Transfer
Join the many othe Companies around the country that are already enjoying huge savings by implementing this incredible piece of technology.
  • Eliminate unnecessary phone lines
  • Automatically direct calls to devices
  • Add equipment without adding phone lines
  • Program it completely
  • Use it on any phone system
Eliminating the requirement for a dedicated phone line can save you approximately $600/year per line. It is easy to install on a phone system and does not require software, driversm or a "network guy" tp program.Just call our Toll Free Tech Support Number and we can program it right over the phone. Call the number below and start saving those hard-to-get budget dollars today!

The Stick

Who is Multi-Link, Inc?
For over 22 years, Multi-Link, Inc, has been the premier manufacturer of telephone line sharing products. Made in America, our products are now serving over 8000 customers and more than 600,000 units installed, reducing tellecommunications cost through more effecient use of tele phone lines.

Multi-Link, Inc.

Manufacturing Division for:
Higgins International - Toll Free: 866-337-0965
http://faxswitch.com - info@faxswitch.com
http://multi-link.org - info@multi-link.org

The Stick routes calls automatically

How much is the Stick worth to you?

What's it worth to your BOTTOM LINE to eliminate 1 phone line?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 240.00 $ 720.00 $ 1200.00 $ 2400.00
$ 30.00 $ 360.00 $ 1080.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3600.00
$ 40.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 50.00 $ 600.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3000.00 $ 6000.00
$ 60.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00

What if you get rid of two phone lines?
What's eliminating 2 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 30.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00
$ 40.00 $ 960.00 $ 2880.00 $ 4800.00 $ 9600.00
$ 50.00 $ 1200.00 $ 3600.00 $ 6000.00 $ 12000.00
$ 60.00 $ 1440.00 $ 4320.00 $ 7200.00 $ 14400.00

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