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The LRS PRO Pro Automatic Call Processor

The LRS PRO Pro eliminates dedicated fax lines and saves money.
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The LineShare Pro PRO is a telephone line management system that directs incoming phone calls to 1 of 4 destinations (5 ports). It is capable of transferring calls in virtually many configurations of telephone devices including the following:

● Credit card authorization terminal
● Call diverter
● Security alarm and monitoring system
● All-in-one printer-fax-scanner
● Money order dispensing system
● Energy management system
● Paging Systems
● Flow monitoring system
● Fax/modem cards
● Time and attendance system
● Telephones (phone systems)
● Fluid storage system
● Answering machine
● Point-of-sale terminal
● Fax machines
● Remote diagnostic system

Fax CNG Detection   Caller ID - Ring Reduction
Rings to Answer Call   Automatic Fax Detection
Port Transfer Selection   Barge-In protection
Extension Detection   Unlimited Manual Transfer
Automatic Fax Transfer   Call Override
Port Access Code   Distinctive Ringing Routing
Automatic No Answer Transfer   Remote Diagnostics and programming
Rings to Port  

Tone Detection Timer

Barge In protection - Outbound Voice Exclusion   Cable Phone Company Compatible
Remote Message Notification   programmable Security Codes
No Answer transfer timer   Distinctive Ringing Routing
Active/passive mode selection
  Modem 1300 Hz Tone Detection
Distinctive Ringing Routing + CID
5 ports (2 linked + 3 dedicated)
Emergency Barge-In   Special Modem Polling Features
Intercom Port to Port   Remote Message Notification
User Programmable Timers    

Small Office / Home Office
Fax Machine
Point of Sale Polling
Check Readers
Credit Card Readers
Computer Modems
Media projectors
PBX - Key System
Leak Detection System
Oil Tank Level Detector
Digital Signs
Digital Advertising
Restaurant Chains
Out-of-Band Networks

1 Line Routing Switch
1 AC Adapter
1 7ft. Telephone Line Cord
1 Manual


1 Year Warranty
110 - 125 VAC, 50-60 Hz
12 - 14 VAC or VDC at Power Jack
6.2 Watts
REN 0.5B

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LRS PRO Pro saves you money.

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The Line Routing Switch PRO is the very best industrial quality line sharing technology in the world today. It does everything any fax switch on the market can do plus more. It supports up to 4 distinct phone connected devices plus an answering machine if voice is part of your application.

The Line Routing Switch PRO is the best replacement for the Command Communications ASAP 102, ASAP 103, ASAP 104, amd the ASAP 203 as well as the Multi-Link Polnet ACP-3.

No longer do you have to compromise to save real money by reducing phone lines

This is industrial grade automatic line sharing technology at its best. It has the all of the features and operation of the Polnet ACP or every one of the tone detection devices, distinctive ring devices such as the SR-3 and even has semi-automatic mode which has been discontinued in almost all of the available switches today.You chose whatever is best for your application.

You can even use two modes at the same time. For example, you could have two or three voice numbers sharing one line using the distinctive ring mode and also still receive faxes as well as modem calls on any of the numbers in the automatic mode. It's almost like having four fax switches in one or equivalent to eight lines.

Or you could use the semi-automatic mode so unanswered calls go to the phone company voice mail or call forward only your voice calls to your cell phone and simultaneously use the distinctive ring mode so your faxes or modem calls are still automatically routed to the per device.

You can share 4 incoming and outgoing modems on one line, a fax or voice and three modems, or voice, fax and two modems.

As you can see, the Line Routing Switch Pro can easily be customized (programmed) for your specific telecommunication needs.

If you have a router and high speed internet, you can even use it with Magic Jack Plus and share voice, fax, and your modem (or any four devices plus an answering machine) with no phone line at all. Imagine having the same service as four dedicated lines for $39.00 a year. It sounds almost to good to be true. The ROI (return on investment) is incredible and undeniable.

If you can send and receive a fax or modem call over your line without the box, any digital or analog phone service will work with the Line Routing Switch Pro.

If you decide to keep your analog phone service and you only eliminate only one phone line, the saving are still very substantial. With the Line Routing Switch Pro , you could eliminate up to three lines.

You know what you pay per line per month, year after year for you phone, fax or modem lines. Even of you currently only pay $20.00 a month for a dedicated phone line for your fax, you save $240 the first year on a one time $159.00 investment. You save $240 or more every year after that.

You save the same amount every year. In this simple example only eliminating one line, in ten years you will save at least $2,400.00. Over the years, the costs of everything will go up so in 20 years it is sure to say that you will save more than $4,800 dollars.

If you eliminate two lines, you double the savings to $9600 dollars. With the Line Routing Switch Pro you can eliminate up to three lines and triple the savings. If you use is with the Magic Jack Plus you could eliminate four lines and save even more. This might be the best equipment investment you will ever make in the life of your business.

Almost everybody has caller-id. It has become integral in the way we communicate in today's world. The popular automatic line sharing switches on the market don't fully support caller-id.

With the Line Routing Switch Pro, Caller ID will work exactly the same way before you integrate line sharing as well as after.

Other line sharing products require that you wait to let all of your phones ring twice even if it is a fax or modem call before you see the caller-id information, require elaborate work-around's, or may not be compatible with Caller-id at all.

Why make this sacrifice when, with the Line Routing Switch Pro you don't have to. With the Line Routing Switch Pro , Caller-ID and other phone company features work normally. There are no unpleasant surprises.

You don't have to sacrifice to save money with today's best up-to-date line sharing technology. Why settle for less?

This is just one example. The Line Routing Switch Pro has 33 programmable features so you can enjoy all of the technology available today without the sacrifices of the past.

Since the most common telecommunication needs are programmed from the factory for you by default, most likely you can simply plug it in and you will never need any help, changes, or programming of any kind.

In case you do need any assistance whatsoever, our toll free tech support staff are available 24 hours 7 day a week to help you for free for as long as you own your switch. We really want to be sure you are happy. We want you to brag to your friends about this great investment and how much you saved. We fully appreciate your business.

If you want us to, simply call us and we will configure your Line Routing Switch Pro to your specific needs right over the phone. Easy is GOOD!

Unlike the other switches on the market that were all designed in the 1900's for the telecommunications systems and features of the last century, the Line Routing Switch Prowas designed in 2012 specifically to take advantage of the best technology of today.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Your only risk os the postage back to us if you decide it is not right for you. You have a 100% money back guarantee. You can't lose. You have everything to gain.

Shipping is FREE. Tech support is FREE. The call is FREE. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why are you waiting? Order online today!

With the Line Routing Switch Pro you can reduce how many phone lines you need to run your business.

The Line Routing Switch Pro is a feature-rich device that eliminates the need for multiple analog phone lines by routing call traffic to the appropriate device. The Line Routing Switch Pro enables users to share up to four devices (4 phone connected devices plus and answering machine) on a single phone line. It's easy to use. Take it out of the box and plug it in. If you do need any help whatsoever, call us 24/7 toll free.

Setting up the unit is easy and takes only a few minutes. You just connect your phone, answering machine and fax and/or modem to the ports on the back of the unit. The Line Routing Switch Pro switches incoming calls to the right device automatically. It's like an invisible switch board or an invisible secretary.

Using Line Routing Switch Pro will save you a lot of money because you won’t have to add expensive extra phone lines for each piece of phone line connected equipment or you can eliminate lines by consolidating existing line connected equipment on a single line .

Eliminating dedicated modem or fax lines and incorporating the line sharing technology of Line Routing Switch Pro adds up to giant savings.

*Note: All prices include shipping and handling in the US and most of Canada. We reserve the right to charge up to the actual price of shipping on all orders outside the continental United States. All orders shipped UPS Ground unless specified. For air and express shipments, appropriate charges will be applied to your order.

For Canadian customers, all orders will be shipped USPS Priority Mail International unless you request another method. We do this in order to save you the extra high costs of brokerage and other fees that UPS charges for delivery in Canada.. As you do. we want the FREE shipping to be FREE. You might have to pay the sales tax but besides that, most likely there will be no additional charges.

How much is the Line Routing Switch Pro worth to you?

What's it worth to your BOTTOM LINE to eliminate 1 phone line?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 240.00 $ 720.00 $ 1200.00 $ 2400.00
$ 30.00 $ 360.00 $ 1080.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3600.00
$ 40.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 50.00 $ 600.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3000.00 $ 6000.00
$ 60.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00

What if you get rid of two phone lines or use Magic Jack?
What's eliminating 2 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 30.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00
$ 40.00 $ 960.00 $ 2880.00 $ 4800.00 $ 9600.00
$ 50.00 $ 1200.00 $ 3600.00 $ 6000.00 $ 12000.00
$ 60.00 $ 1440.00 $ 4320.00 $ 7200.00 $ 14400.00

What if you get rid of three phone lines?
What's eliminating 3 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00
$ 30.00 $ 960.00 $ 2880.00 $ 4800.00 $ 9600.00
$ 40.00 $ 1200.00 $ 3600.00 $ 6000.00 $ 12000.00
$ 50.00 $ 1440.00 $ 4320.00 $ 7200.00 $ 14400.00
$60.00 $2160.00 $6480.00 $10800.00 $21600.00

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