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Command Communications, Inc.

Command Communications is a former manufacturer of telephone line sharing devices, fax switches, on-premise paging systems, and HDMI cables and switches.

Command Communications was founded in the 1980s and closed all operations in 2011. Popular fax switch products were the Comswitch 5500, Comswitch CS3.0, Comswitch 7500, Comswitch 3500, and Comswitch 300.

Superior replacement products are currently available from Higgins International , and may be purchased online at faxswitch.com.

Click here for Operator's Guides for ComSwitch and ComShare Fax Switches older products. These are the copies of the original Operator's Guides for Command Communication web site from March 27, 2002. Command's products at that time were the ComSwitch CS7500, CS5500, CS3500, CS660, and CS300 , the ComShare CS750, CS650, CS550, CS450, and CS350, ASAP TF555, TF505+, TF505, and TF333, and Commercial ASAP ASAP203, ASAP104, ASAP103, ASAP102, ASAP DR401, ASAP DR301, ASAP DP1, ASAP TeleHUB. as well as ComScan.

The new site for Command Communications is https://commandcommunicationsusa.com

About the Company

Until 2011, Command Communications designed, manufactured and distributed consumer and commercial electronic communication products and accessories. Command Communications Inc in Centennial, CO was a private company categorized under Communications.

Former estimates showed this company had an annual revenue of $2.5 to 5 million and employed a staff of approximately 10 to 19. They manufactured telephone line sharing devices, fax switches, on-premise paging systems, and HDMI cables and switches. Command was also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for a number of major telecommunications companies in North America.

The last address for Command Communications was:

Command Communications, Inc.
14510 E Fremont Ave
Englewood, CO 80112

Command Communications is no longer in business and does not support its products anymore.

Fortunately, Higgins International has been the leader in similar products for over 25 years and does support Command Communications products. Long Range Systems originally purchased the former Command Communications when thy went bankrupt.

Higgins International has now purchased the former Command Communications fax switch product line from Long Range Systems. Higgins International has started a new company called Line Routing Systems to mantain and improve the Command Communications line sharing and fax related line.

Long Range Systems purchased Command Communications because Command Communications also manufactured pagers. Long Range Systems is the largest manufacturer in their market niche for restaurant and hospital pagers. Since they had no expertise with fax switches they contacted Higgins International to market the fax switch products. Higgins International started a new company called Line Routing Systems to do this.

Eventually Long Range Systems decided that they needed to stick to their core product line (pagers), and offered all of their remaining stock as well as the exclusive rights to sell and market it to Higgins International.

Gary Smock, who is now our ingenious engineer who designed every detail of every fax or line sharing technology related product that Command Communications has manufactured since 1997, has invented a new product line that surpassed the fabulous line sharing and fax switches of the past. It is called the Line Share and currently has two products, the LRS LineShare 4.1 and the LRS LineShare Pro.

The LRS LineShare 4.1 is an improved version of the ComSwitch 5500 and the ComSwitch 7500. The LRS LineShare Pro is an updated and improved version of the Command ASAP 104 which were the latest versions from Command when they closed their doors.

Line Routing Systems is now the only company for tech support for existing Command Communications' fax, voice or modem sharing products.

Feel free to call toll free at 1-866-337-0965 for free tech support on any of the fax switch or line sharing products or assistance in replacing your comswitch or finding a superior product for your particular application. If you have another Command Communication Product, we will help you too.

We answerer our phones with humans. We treat you with respect. We will help you if we can. I try to answer calls personally if I can. Ask for me if you get anyone else answers and you want to talk to me. I can never be to far away from my customers.

Call us toll free at 1-866-337-0965.

Best always,

Rob Higgins
Higgins International and affiliated companies

toll free: 1 866-337-0965


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