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Long Range Systems Products:

Line Routing Switch - The Line Routing Switch 4.1 ™ is the newest line sharing technology in the world today. It does everything any fax switch on the market can do plus so much more. No longer do you have to compromise to save real money by reducing phone lines.

LineShare 4.1- LineShare 4.1 ™ is the best new line sharing technology in the world today. This is perfect replacement for any Command Communications products. Almost every function that any switch that Commmand Communications ever made is included in this product plus more. Caller-id, Call waiting, and almost all of the phone company features are standard.

The LineShare Pro is a telephone line management system that directs incoming phone calls to 1 of 4 destinations. It is capable of transferring calls in virtually many configurations of telephone devices.

Lineshare 4.1 4-Port Phone Line Sharing Switch

The LineShare Pro is a telephone line management system for fax voice or modem on one line.

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FaxSwitches.info -FaxSwitches.info is the first and only comparison engine specifically for fax switches. Choose the best line sharing technology for your particular needs and application. We offer all of the major brands and models here in one store. We make it easy to find exactly the right fax switch for your business.

Line Routing Systems is the sole manufacturer's rep for the line sharing technology division of Long Range Systems. Line Routing Systems distributes all products and sales though local home town dealers.The local dealer will supply and advise the customer as necessary.

Line Routing Systems - www.lineroutingsystems.com


Our intelligent telecommunications switches save you money on your telephone bills by eliminating or more effectively using your phone lines for fax, modem, or voice. If you only save yourself the bill on one phone line, even if your bill is as low as $20 per month, you save $240.00 just the first year. If your bill is higher, you save more. Many of these switches save you two phone lines or more, year in and year out, which adds up more and more. You can see how this equipment pays for itself in a few months. After that, you keep the money that you used to pay the phone company every month. The savings add up quickly for you.

Multilink products are designed to the highest quality standards because we know that your phone system has to always work. Remote diagnostics and programming let our factory trained technicians help you quickly if you need it toll free. Each product is for a slightly different application but they are all designed to save you money. These automatic phone fax modem switches are much much more than fax switches. They are your money saving telecommunication products. They save YOU money.

Click on Products to find out more. Chances are, you will find a smart phone switch that will meet your needs. The right product could save you thousands! If you have any questions about which product would be best for you, email us , call toll free in US and Canada (866) 337-0965 or call (217) 337-0965. We are happy to help you.

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